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Support our Mission of Influencing American Society with a Roman Catholic & Conservative Cultural World View. Donate to our cause today. We are a small team of dedicated folks, with day jobs, who are trying to do our part to make society a better place. We need your support.

We also have several folks who are interested in running for political office at the national level. Each of them would be willing to come forward with the right donor or group of donors to support them.

They are fast talking, hard hitting, intellectual, personable, have unmatched skills in debating, along with a strong command of the entire range of issues, not to mention unmatched abilities to articulate complex issues in a clear and easy to understand way.

If you want to back people who can win an election and a popularity contest as uncompromising ultra conservative christians, we may just have a few folks who fit that bill.

Our folks can take the issues into the liberal arena using science and reason, argue with liberals in their own language, and win arguments in favor of christian conservatism using purely secular language without ever having to touch the topics of Christianity or religion.



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