Report a Scandal

We did not want to have to resort to this. However, because the USCCB, Pope, and numerous Cardinals we contacted, have refused to answer our questions, address our concerns, or offer any response to our letters whatsoever, the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church have left us no choice. We do not know how else to get them to respond, so we need to begin amassing a large set of carrots and sticks.

Hitting those in power where it hurts, in order to force a response appears to be what they are asking us to do by their refusal to respond.

Therefore, we encourage anyone with substantive information on specific bishops and cardinals to provide us with as much evidence and information as possible regarding scandalous behavior exhibited by top roman catholic church officials. We will start our campaign by calling them out publicly, loudly, and we will not stop until an appropriate response is issued for their scandalous activities.

The more evidence you can provide, the better. 

We will ratchet up the heat until they answer our concerns.  But, we just may decide to keep up the pressure, of exposing and naming them for each scandal no matter what. 

They refused to answer our questions when we asked nicely. Now the gloves come off. 


Please fill out the following form to report a scandal. We will contact you directly to further discuss the details, obtain any follow up information, and provide instructions on how to upload your digital evidence.

We are also planning to create a television commercial that will air non-stop and directly address specific bishops and cardinals in addition to the USCCB on these issues.


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