Those Who Work Like Demons: The “Sin Denying Left” and their Connection to ISIS and Communism

Bill Clinton admitted it on Monday September 12, 2016 in his interview with Charlie Rose on PBS when he said “She works like a demon”, as he spoke about his wife Hillary Clinton.

Normally people use theses idioms to imply hard work:

• she works like a dog

• she works like a slave

• she is working her finger to the bone

• she works hard

• she works to death

• she is working her tail off

His subconscious mind let out the truth and he didn’t even realize it.

For the better part of the past 2000 years there were three types of people:

• People who acknowledge the existence of sin and who seek forgiveness and repent when they commit it.

• People who acknowledge sin, and repent of most sin when they commit it, but they deny the existence of one or two particular sins they commit and don’t want to change

• People who are not members of Christianity and who do not know or believe in the concept of sin. (this also includes people who have left Christianity)

For the better part of the past 2000 years, the above demographics is basically what you saw in nations with large Christian majorities.

Enter post Fatima 1917 and that demographic has changed.

Between 1917 and the 1990’s a new caste of people have come into existence.

• People who live in a Christian society and who have grown up around it, but who have unrepentantly rejected the idea of sin and who seek to beat that rejection into every other human being on earth, forcing them to believe it or suffer significant punishment.

Similar to how ISIS kills people who refuse to convert to ISLAM, the “Sin Denying Left” Injures those who refuse to embrace its denial of sin.

There are two primary beliefs it uses to test for apostasy: (1) Homosexual Acts and (2) Abortion.

Members of the “Sin Denying Left”, like ISIS, practice a religion.

However, the religion they practice it is not a traditional or formal one that would be recognized.

Instead, the religion of the “Sin Denying Left” takes the form of a simple allegiance to the three demonic principals of (1) SELF which in turn enables the demonic principals of (2) objectifying human beings as something to be used or discarded along with (3) destroying those who stand in opposition the god that you serve.

This is best understood by watching the direct actions performed by members of the “Sin Denying Left”, when they harm and punish specific people who have stood up in opposition to their demonic principals.

• For example, a cake shop, whose owners refused to aid and abet the sin of Homosexual Acts by refusing to place that action in a position of prominence by baking a wedding cake, received death threats, were charged with committing a hate crime, went to jail, were fined $130,00, and lost everything all for refusing to participate in sin.

They committed an act of apostasy against the “Sin Denying Left” by standing up and proclaiming the reality that sin does exist, and the members of the “Sin Denying Left” punished them severely for their act of apostasy.

• Another example is that the owners of a small pharmacy refuse to stock abortion inducing drugs. They will not purchase, stock, or sell drugs whose sole purpose is to kill an innocent human life. They will not aid and abet the sin of murder by refusing to provide drugs whose sole purpose it to kill innocents. The owners were charged with discrimination against women by their refusal to stock and sell murder inducing drugs. Because of their refusal to stock and sell these drugs, their pharmacy license was revoked and the owners have been stripped of their only means of income.

They committed an act of apostasy against the “Sin Denying Left” by standing up and proclaiming the reality that sin does exist, and the members of the “Sin Denying Left” punished them severely for their act of apostasy.

There are hundreds of other examples of this.

The point is to illuminate the reality that in a post Fatima world, several versions of the same demonic religion has formed.

• Communism (which is totalitarian by nature and atheistic) has taken hold in some places.

• ISIS has taken hold where communism was not able to.

• The “sin denying left” has taken hold where both communism and ISIS were not able to.

Each of these three implementations of the demonic achieve the exact same thing:

• They objectify human beings as something to be used or discarded

• They believe that sin as Christians know it, does not exist, and they seek to destroy anyone who stands in opposition to their “denial of sin”

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have invested their lives in promoting abortion and more recently homosexual marriage.

The actions, legislation, and polices put forth by both of them, as well as the actions and objectives of the other members of the “Sin Denying Left”, serve as a testament to the reality that they work very hard, like demons.


Final Fatima Vision & You!

“The Roman Catholic Church will be destroyed.” – Final Fatima Vision.

This means the earthy form of the Church, also known as The Church Militant will cease to exist and will be transformed upon Christ’s return into the Church Triumphant, which is the spiritual form.

The destruction of and transformation away from the earthly form of the church, known as Church Militant, will occur because the ‘errors of Russia have spread across the earth’ as the first and second Fatima Vision spoke about.

We ask you, what and whose ideology promotes these three Russian errors?

(1) Error of Totalitarianism and lack of respect for the dignity of human life.

(2) Error of National (government based) hostility towards Roman Catholicism – which Catholics believe to be the religion that was established by Christ himself.

(3) Error of Socialism/Communism – where freedom is sacrificed at the expense of making people dependent upon government. This can only happen when there is no respect for human life.

What group holds an ideology that views all three of these things as holy?

What group in America has punished Christians who own pharmacies by taking their licenses for refusing sin by dispensing abortifacient drugs.

There are over 40 court cases pending for these types of offenses.

What group and ideology acts like a totalitarian and does not allow for dissent?

College campuses show this unfolding over the past 8 years at record pace. Just like the communist re-education programs of Russia, Cuba, China, and North Korea, American colleges often harbor activist groups that punish dissenters who dare to speak out on issues or abortion and human life.

What group uses language that implies the person who is focusing on the innocent life of the baby is really a hateful, sexist, bigot against the person killing the unborn baby?

What group and ideology punishes its dissenters by offering them a chance to apologize and make amends by converting from their Christian beliefs to a new and ‘proper’ belief system?

What group professes as one of its major national goals to implement socialism/communism?

Are these things not the ‘errors of Russia’ that were spoken of by Mary the Mother of God, in the first and second Fatima apparition?

Are these errors, this dark ideology, and those who act as agents seeking to promote and spread it, not the cause of the destruction of the church as shown in the Final Vision of Fatima?

The theme that unites and ties together all of the Russian errors is the the fundamental debasement of human life.

What group(s) and ideologies share this debasement of life through their obsession with and promotion of abortion?

Is this group and their ideology not the same group who kills the Pope and all his Priests and Bishops as shown in the Final Fatima Vision?

Without the Priests and Bishops to forgive sin and administer the sacraments, there is no Church.

That is why the Final Fatima Vision can only be understood in the context of the previous two Visions to be the complete destruction of the Roman Catholic Church that we know, the earthly form called Church Militant, after which Jesus Christ returns because he promised us he would not leave us without either His Church or Himself. The result will be the Church Triumphant, which is the form of the church that exists in Heaven outside of the temporal or earthly realm. When heaven and earth meet, that is when the earthly form of the church will cease and the fullness of reality knows the spiritually form, which is called Church Triumphant.

Based on the content of the Marian Visions at Fatima, it would seem that the speed at which this transformation from Church Militant to Church Triumphant happens is directly proportional to and dependent upon the speed at which the Russian errors are spread across the earth.

With that said, every decision you make, every vote you cast, every act you perform matters.

What group do you identify with or stand with?

What ideology do you act on, spread, or promote?

Who and what group do you vote for at the polls?

Your actions either contribute to moving the world towards Christ or away from Him. Those are the only two directions.

Don’t believe us? Ask your parish priest.

You can read the entirety of all three Fatima Visions at the Vatican Website via the following link:

What is the final fatima vision released to the public by Pope JP2 in 2000 AD? “The pope and all his priests and bishops are killed at the foot of the cross with arrows and bullets. Leaving not even one member of the clergy alive.”

**This article has been read and un-officially declared to be free from doctrinal error or heresy by three separate diocesan priests from three different dioceses in North America. The priests who read this were asked if they see any specific or worrisome  ideas, sentences, or concepts that are not in line with Roman Catholic teaching or transmit heresy in any way. They said no. Based on their knowledge as priests the material here is doctrinally accurate and sound, and does not contain any heretical ideas or concepts. We cannot give out their names because their opinion is not theologically or doctrinally binding, but we encourage you to take this article to your parish priest and talk about it with them for your own personal and spiritual growth. Or to share it within your faith community so that more people may see the link between certain political ideologies and the warning that occurred at Fatima. Our decisions and actions have a lot to do with when God decides to return just as the decisions and actions of those living in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah or in the time of Noah were directly related to God’s decision on chastisement that occurred in those periods.

Open letter to Pope Francis

Pope Francis, many people are suggesting that you informed Catholics and the World that we must let criminals who approach us and seek to do us harm have their way.

Some say you told the world at your youth ralley in Turin, Italy that those who own or invest in tools to protect their families are evil, and that we are not Christisns unless we allow evil men to rape our wives and kill our families while we can only pray to God to make it stop.

I hope all the millions of people around the globe misunderstood your words since the Roman Catholic Church’s official teachings directly contradict what people think you said.

Cannon Law 2263 specifically allows the use of deadly force to preserve your life when under a direct attack by someone seeking to end your life.

Since you don’t have the power to change those teachings, I cant imagine you would be contradicting that since to do so would make you a heretic.

Surely you meant to say that owning a gun makes you a gun owner just as owning a car makes you a car owner, since both items are amoral and can be used for good or for evil.

Many are claiming that you should go back to seminary for a refresher course in theology 101 and stop focusing on the weather and climatology since neither of those are helpful to your job of saving souls.

Surely they misunderstood you.

However, if these reports are true, many life long devout Catholics may leave because you have destroyed their confidence and belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the Church implemented by Jesus Christ.

Many would like to know why God chose to put a destroyer in the Seat of Peter who is openly attacking 2000 years of doctrine.

Why is God allowing the annhilation of his own Church by allowing it’s visible head to speak with the tongue of the serpent?

Help us understand!

Gun owners and investors are not evil. We don’t want to be forced to use our guns for self defense.

We would much prefer to only use them for sport shooting in targeteting contests and in skill based events.

By blanketly calling such people evil, you are engaging in prejudice and discrimination. You are judging people based on some stereotype you have which doesn’t match reality.

But more importantly, you are providing ammunition to a specific totalitarian political faction that is very powerful in Amercia. The faction which I speak about hates the Catholic Church and wants to remove it from society, while removing the freedom of its citizens.

This political group calls Catholics every evil word imaginable and punishes us for living our faith in the public square. However every time you say something that is beneficial to them, they all of a suddenly say “see Pope Francis agrees we should take away your freedom and force totalitarianism upon you”.

Your poor communication is very dangerous for Americans Catholics because it gives our enemies power to further their anti-Catholic agenda. I am sure the USCCB already told you this but so far it’s fallen on deaf ears.

We will keep you in our prayers.

We need your help.

We don’t need you giving power to the enemies of the Church and others who wish to harm it.

Letter to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

To: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Apostolic Nuncio
3339 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 2000

We are sending this because there are many matters related to Pope Francis and the current Vatican administration that greatly concern us.

We are devout Roman Catholics who are extremely concerned about numerous actions taken by this pope and inconsistencies that exist within the church hierarchy on non-theological matters. We represent a growing group of conservative/orthodox Roman Catholics who are losing trust in the church leadership under Pope Francis. Some of us are even fearful and concerned that a schism may be on the horizon if things continue on their current trajectory.

We posted the links shown below under the concerns section of this letter, and made comments on the USCCB Facebook page last night and asked the USCCB to address the listed concerns that Roman Catholics have about this pope and the inconsistency between the actions of various bishops and clergy, some of whom echo this pope and some who do not.

We also expressed concern about a possible schism since the topic of chaos at the very top and schism continues to come up at the dinner tables and discussions among Roman Catholics in their day to day lives and activities.

We are lifelong Roman Catholics who chose this faith and we feel betrayed by many of the non-theological actions this Pope is taking. We don’t want an adversarial relationship with the church.

Please, we hope that you will answer our questions and alleviate our concerns.  We were and are the guys who show up in church every Sunday, help with the collection, stand up for things like NFP, and are vocal in supporting Catholic Schools, decry those who attack the Church’s Religious Beliefs, stand against things like the contraceptive mandate of Obamacare, and publically in our homes and places of business fight to correct false understandings people we meet and interact with have about the theology, beliefs, and practices of Roman Catholicism. We are the guys who you might consider to be the bedrock of the Church or Holy warriors of Christ if you will. That’s why we are concerned about the actions of this Pope. We feel like the leadership of very Church we have taken injury for,  made sacrifices for, acted as a bullet proof vest for in a metaphorical sense, and even bled for in some instances is betraying us and pushing us away with the actions the current Pope and his administration are taking on a number of non-theological fronts.

Some of our concerns are:

  • We do not trust the UN. This was taught to us in Catholic grade school and in Catholic high school by the priests and nuns who taught us. The UN is not to be trusted as is run by people and has a history of working against the Catholic Church, against freedom, and against human life and dignity. The UN is bad , evil, and the priests and nuns gave us a trove of evidence over the course of 12 years to prove it.  Catholic college has also reinforced those beliefs. This was and is commonplace in American Catholic schools. I have yet to find someone who didn’t experience this type of instruction. With that background in mind, can you see why the following article greatly concerns us? This is what hundreds of thousands of Catholics believe because this is what hundreds of thousands of Catholics learned in Catholic School. Can you see why we are upset? The pope is mocking us. – 

Many people have brought these issues to our parish priests and dioceses but both the priests and dioceses have not addressed them comprehensively. All we get is “the media distorts the pope’s message” but that’s false because so many people listen to catholic news outlets such as and national  catholic register, and still we all have the same concerns that only increase the deeper we investigate what the pope said.

We posted comments similar to this, but in louder and more excited style, to the USCCB Facebook page last night, only to find that 6 hours after the posts were made, the USCCB completely deleted them without comment, contact, or attempting to address the issues. Then they BANNED us from future posting. Why?

We feel that these actions by the USCCB to censor the inquiry resulting from serious concerns about the non-theological actions of this Pope and his administration are unjust. You could have at least reached out to us and attempted to address our concerns. Honestly, refusing to do so will only result in us getting louder. We don’t want an adversarial relationship with the leadership of the Church but failure to address our concerns is pushing us away with few other options.

What are we to do when nobody addresses our concerns? What are we to think?  We will be happy if you tell us we are wrong, and provide proof as to exactly why. Honestly, that would be such great news to us. And if we respond with additional questions and clarification, and you respond back, that would be wonderful. We are getting louder because nobody is helping to alleviate our concerns.

We implore the USCCB to dialogue with us on our concerns because they are both serious and numerous. What specifically led to you banning us from posting on your Facebook page? What can we do to get that ban lifted? We are sincere folks who are speaking and doing what we feel morally compelled to speak and do, and we get banned for that?

Please don’t push us away. We hope and pray that you will address our concerns.

A special side note, many of us are afraid of losing our jobs because of our loud support for our Roman Catholic faith, and how we believe it should intersect with society, politics, and culture. That is why we formed Il Conservatore Media. We are afraid the world will harm us if they know our identities, but we feel compelled to speak up in support of Church teaching and its related intersection points in society. We saw bakers get run out of business, and death threats made against other conservative Christians who have publically spoken out in favor of catholic and Christian principals, so we are deathly afraid, that is why we are sending this as Il Conservatore media. We have multiple jobs with families and children to feed. But we are warriors for Christ and his Church and we will continue to support Roman Catholicism even in the face of persecution and failed leadership.

Please answer our concerns. We really are the Good Guys, and we believe you banned us from commenting on your Facebook page because you truly misunderstood us. We want to immediately correct that misunderstanding in a very loud and clear way, since we know how problematic and betraying that kind of failure is by watching Pope Francis and his advisors.

Please do not push away the very people that the Church has saved and helped, and whom would give up their own lives in return because of the deep love and bond they have with the church. Please answer us.

On The Fire Chief

How many employees write books off hours, and in their spare time, without first consulting with their supervisor at the “day job” where they work? I know of at least six, two of those six are public employees, and none of the six were fired.

Now, According to media matters in an article they published at the reason below is why the fire chief was terminated.

In a January 6 press conference, Mayor Reed stressed that the decision to fire Cochran wasn’t based on his religious beliefs:

The mayor said he decided to terminate Cochran not just because the fire chief didn’t consult him before publishing the book, but also spoke out about his suspension despite being told to remain quiet during the investigation into his leadership. What’s more, Reed said he believes Cochran opened up the city to the potential for litigation over future discrimination claims.

Reed stressed that his decision is not because of Cochran’s faith: “His religious (beliefs) are not the basis of the problem. His judgment is the basis of the problem.”

However, the fact that the fire chief was fired for not first consulting with his supervisor at his “day job” before writing a book on his own personal time demonstrates that the left willfully discriminated against the fire chief.

Here is how I make that determination:

Nobody else who wrote a book off hours, and in their personal spare time, without first consulting with the supervisor at the “day job” where they work, was every fired for that other than this fire chief.

The definition of discrimination according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is “the practice of unfairly treating a person or group of people differently from other people or groups of people”

The group of people we are talking about is those people who are Christians who write books, in their capacity as an individual, off hours from their day job, and in their spare time, without first consulting with the supervisor at the “day job” where they work about it.

You see, the employer did not terminate the job of an atheist or another public employee who wrote a book off hours, and in their personal spare time, without first consulting with the supervisor at the “day job” where they work. The employer only terminated the job of this man, who belongs to a particular segment of Christianity who believes differently.

That unequal treatment as applied to members of one group, while a different standard of treatment is applied to someone who commits the same action and is a member of a different group, is the essence of discrimination.

Media Matters proves this to be true in their own words, even though the objective of their article is to argue that is not the case.

The Assault on The Church Begins

Information has come to us from several sources, that instructions just went out within militant segments of the homosexual community calling for members of any Christian church were homosexuality is believed to be sinful, to engage their priest or minister and make a formal request to get married while recording the response. 

Homosexuals that believe they were treated in a bigoted or hateful way, and/or discriminated against are then asked to bring the recording and evidence of discrimination and bigotry to the designated attorneys who will then take up thousands of these cases as the biggest civil rights and anti-discrimination issue in the century. The goal is to use the media to demonize the churches and shut them down on the basis of human rights violations and rampant discrimination.

So far we have been unable to locate a document that spells this out, but we are working on it. It is our understanding that the message is currently being communicated verbally and possibly by means of non-standard medium like instant message and text in a way that does not give anyone who may be looking for evidence, a clear and difinitive smoking gun.

If we are able to get our hands on any communications of this nature, we will post them. 

Stay tuned as the war on Christianity begins to unfold. 

Priests and ministers please be vigilant.