About the Il Conservatore Media Group

Our four pronged mission is:

(1) To Promote Christian & Conservative Philosophy In The Public Square, Using Secular Arguments, Logic, & Facts.

(2) To help keep the Roman Catholic Church from going “off the rails”.

(3) To expose and call out those bishops and cardinals who have engaged in specific scandalous behavior, with evidence provided by people close to the situation.

(4) To comment and provide insight on geo-political and cultural events of our time, that have an impact on Roman Catholics and Conservative Christian Citizens.

In addition:

We believe in the time tested traditions of Marriage, Family, and Traditional Values.

We believe historical facts should be acknowledged and passed on as opposed to being wiped out. History proves that America was founded as a Judeo Christian Nation with a Culture, Laws, and Economy deeply rooted in Judeo Christian Principals. Our identity as a nation has always been such and to change that identity is the same as destroying our nation and replacing it with a completely different one.

We are Il Conservatore, The Real Il Conservatore and will stand up as the personification of America’s Conservative Christian Superhero.

We believe:

  • The state should not be allowed to force a web development business to sell a pornography website to a pornographer.
  • The state should not be allowed to force a seamstress to knit a confederate flag for use in a ceremony by the Ku Klux Klan.
  • The state should not be allowed to force a DJ to provide music services at a gay wedding ceremony.
  • The state should not be allowed to force a female Muslim business owner to dress down, and wear clothing that violates her religious beliefs, while providing a service to a customer.
  • The state should not be allowed to force a  pharmacy to stock and sell abortifacent drugs if the owners of the pharmacy believe that killing an pre-born baby is a sinful and evil act.
  • The state should be allowed to force a doctor or medical facility to perform abortions if the owners believe that the act of abortion is a sinful and evil act.

In all those cases, the customer has the freedom to select any business he or she wants to purchase services from and should select a business whose owners do not hold such strong religious convictions.  However there is a movement in America to render religion illegal and the people who want to rid our culture of religion are doing all in their power to harm Christians and other religious people.

We also believe:

  • The state should not be allowed to pressure or punish a religious institution, school, or other institution to violate science and biology regarding restroom policy.
  • The state should not be allowed to prevent parents, teens, and medical providers from offering therapy and other psychological and services that are both medically and spiritually sound as defined by the religion to which all parties belong.
  • The state should not be allowed to force anyone to violate their deeply held religious beliefs since America was founded specifically on that principal.

Perhaps some day, our founding members shall remove their maks and cloaks, but until that day we will remain Il Conservatore and do our best to fight to influence society for the better as America and the West’s Christian Conservative Superhero!

We can be reached via email, Facebook, Twitter, or by telephone at (631) 572-8902


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