Manny Pacquaio Was Correct, He Just Articulated His Message Wrong

Manny Pacquiao’s message was correct but it was articulated incorrectly.

Observing nature shows that Animals act on sexual impulses outside of the design of those impulses.

This includes sexual activity without the involvement of another animal such as rubbing against a pole, homosexual activity, and even other types of sexual activity in a virety of circumstances. An animal gets an impulse or urge, and the animal acts to release that urge, even if it acts outside of, or against, the design of the systems and faculties involved.

Animals are creatures of raw instinct not of intellect or spiratuaity.

That is why when mankind performs acts of impulse, which may include of savagery, violence, or other acts of debochery, such certain sexual actions, those acts are often talked about as “animalistic behaviour”.

Animals do not have the capacity for critical thought and analysis, nor do they have a capcity for self control. Animals do not have the capcity to hold a belief in God, nor are they capable of deploying intelligence to seek out and live in accordance with truth.

Man, unlike anmials, have that capacity.

Therefore, when man participates in actions of raw impulse, such as sexual activity outside of marriage, or acts of violence, or other such actions, man is acting worse than animals due to his refusal to use his intellect or self control.

I think Manny was trying to express a very complex idea, and because he has not spent years of studying just that topic he was not able to accurately discuss the topic.

Manny, if you want to be able to speak about and express complex ideas in a way that will be accurate but also enable others to truly appreciate your message, we would like to help you. Please contact us. We can also help you with your political messaging.

As for Nike, a company that claims to pride itself on diversity, tolerance, and acceptance of diverse ideas, has clearly shown itself to be the bigot because it revoked sponsorship of Paquaio based on what be said. By doing that, Nike has shown it is not comitted to diversity and only tolerates opinions and beliefs that match its own. Nike should be the one who apologizes.

Manny should not have to issue an apology



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