Only in Truth, Can You Have Power: A Response to Chris Christie’s Abortion Comments on Self-Defense

According to a Daily Caller Report on Chris Christie Equating Abortion to Self Defense,
Chris Christie said this: “…if a woman is raped or if a woman is the victim of incest, to be forced to have that child is not appropriate, and that it can be an act of self-defense to end that.”

His choice of words is a classic example of misdirection or lying without being obvious and you can read a little bit about those methods here – The Lie of Misdirection

We will get to exactly what his lies are in a moment, but first we need to explain misdirection and what it serves here.

This naturally begs the question “Why use Misdirection? What is the benefit?”

Humans are logical creatures. Misdirection is often used when a person wants to do something they know is inconsistent with previously accepted and agreed upon logic, and they need to hide that inconsistency so they are not forced to look at it, since looking at it would stop them from being able to temporary abandon the logic in favor of whatever fleeting emotion is driving their desire to directly contradict and violate the logic.

In fact, most religions have a special word they use to describe the act driven by that fleeting emotion, that can only be committed after first lying to ourselves via misdirection (or by using other logic structures). Most religions that derive from the Christian tradition use the word “sin” but many eastern religions and non-Christian religions have their own unique word which essentially describes the same reality. And no matter where it comes from, the word usually has a negative connotation. Meaning good things generally don’t come from the practice of deceit.

Christie has carefully chosen deceitful words. He tells a lie by misdirection, so as to help others abandon logic in favor of responding to fleeting feelings, while himself remaining forever exempt from being in a position to commit that act.

The use of deadly force via self-defense, is generally understood to be necessary and permissible when a person’s life is under immediate and direct threat of grave danger, meaning danger that can and will kill you. When the danger of immediate death is that great, the law allows you to kill the attacker to save your own life. That’s why anyone who shoots at a robber that is driving away after robbing you ends up going to jail or at the least the typical result is being charged and convicted of a crime. This happens because the act is in retaliation, and not in self-defense. Nobody running away from you at high speed is an immediate, direct, grave threat to your life unless they have a trigger for a bomb or some type of non-standard weapon.

Christie’s fist lie in his statement is that his words perpetuate and imply a disordered or distorted concept of self-defense and deadly force. Kill the baby because the baby has a gun to your head? Or kill the baby because you were violated, and you want to minimize the things that might trigger memories of the crime, so by killing the innocent baby (not giving it up for adoption, but killing it), who is also a victim by the way, that will solve the problem right? Since your choice to kill the baby was the product of logic and not of fleeting emotions, and you didn’t lie to yourself via misdirection, then did you also kill the other victims in the room so you don’t see them and remember the crime? What about the furniture, or pictures on the wall? You are going to burn all that right? And if it happened in your own house, I am sure you are already in the process of burning that down too. If strong and fleeting emotion is valid justification for action, then everyone else needs to act. Oh wait, the enlightenment is starting because the folks in Ferguson and Baltimore did that.

Seriously, those who fall victim to lies perpetuated by misdirection are falling victim to the method of trickery that is as old as prostitution and murder. All this emphasis on progress that has been put forth by various women’s movements, yet with this total dedication to misdirection, it is clear that no significant progress has been made.

Christie’s second lie is that by using misdirection to focus on the temporary fleeting emotions of the woman, he has completely erased the baby from the equation. Therefore, by erasing that baby, and only looking at some of the components of the situation, while applying an action to the whole situation as he only considers a few parts of it, he has inadvertently accepted error as truth, and the result of accepting error as truth is destruction.

Want an example? What happens when your car isn’t working properly and you take it to the mechanic? If the mechanic does not look at everything, he might think he found the problem, and if its only part of situation, and he fixes only that part, your car may sustain even more damage that it originally had. And you may return to the mechanic with an even larger problem than what you had originally. That is the natural result when error is accepted as truth. Both the mechanic and car owner are good people, they are doing what they believe is right. But that doesn’t stop nature.

Nature only deals with truth. Intent, good, evil, all that is irrelevant to nature. Nature is like a mechanical process, if you push X, then Y happens. It’s pure logic. Unforgiving consistency. Nothing else matters. So error is very dangerous, but it is especially dangerous when we want the error, and do all in our power to seek the error instead of the truth.

Now, let’s return to the Christie situation and remove the section of Christie’s statement where he uses carefully constructed words to perpetuate the trick of misdirection and replace those words with blank spaces, where the misdirection previously was.

“…if a woman is raped or if a woman is the victim of incest, ______________________, and that it can be an act of self-defense to _____ that.”

Now, we replace the blank spaces with raw truth, instead of using a ‘misdirection phrase”.

“…if a woman is raped or if a woman is the victim of incest, she must be permitted to kill the innocent little child who did not rape her, or subject her to incest, or commit any other act of violence or evil against her, and that it can be an act of self-defense to kill that.”

That’s the pure truth right there. No misdirection involved.

Now, with this in mind, let’s look at how a similar situation might look.

“…if a man or woman is robbed or beaten or if a man or woman is stuck with a hypodermic needle containing a toxic chemical, he or she must be permitted to kill an innocent bystander who did not beat him/her, or stick him/her with a hypodermic needle, or commit any other act of violence or evil against him/her, and who was not even present to witness the violence, and that it can be an act of self-defense to kill that innocent person who was not even standing nearby to witness the violence or was even aware of it.”

Now, to be consistent, that’s what you have to allow under the law. If you are going to allow people who don’t have anything to do with the act, to be killed as a form of “self-defense”, then you need to allow that to happen.

You can’t have it both ways. It’s like saying you can’t drive through an intersection when the light is red, while at the same time telling someone else that because the light is red, they can drive through the intersection. That is how you create chaos, through total inconsistency it’s impossible not to create and grow chaos.

Do you see how helpful misdirection is when you want to act in violation of nature? Misdirection and obfuscation will allow you to do anything no matter how illogical or erroneous it is, because by removing truth it allows you to see only a partial reality. When you only see part of reality, you are seeing error by means of being incomplete, making decisions on incomplete information means error is involved in the decision, and as the situation moves forward, the error just compounds on top of itself.

With that in mind, politicians who use misdirection like Christie are dangerous. And the more misdirection and obfuscation one uses, the more dangerous to truth and to justice they become. Christie can’t win obviously, but there are other candidates on both sides who are much better at misdirection and obfuscation than he is.

Don’t lie to yourself. Face the truth. If you want the right to murder unborn babies, and you know its illogical because you can’t kill born humans, but you don’t care, own that.

Say to the world, I believe a woman should be able to murder her unborn child for any reason she wants.

Admit it, and stop lying to yourself.

Face it and be proud of it.

At least that way, you become a more honest and pure version of yourself.

And if you can’t face truth, and you keep seeking misdirection, ask yourself “why?”. Perhaps that means it’s time to cut the bullshit and face what you know is right. Find someone who can help you do that. You will be a much happier person, when you do. The strongest people, are those who are not afraid to stare truth in the face, and doing that is the fastest way someone can go from their current state in life, to being a strong, powerful, and liberated person.

Do you want to do this but need some advice, help, or direction?

We can help. Depending on your question, we can direct you toward materials or point you towards resources that you can use on your quest for truth.

Call us at (631) 572-8902 or Send us a Message us on Facebook at il Conservatore Media

All communication will be kept strictly confidential. We are in the media business, but our greater calling is to do what we can to help hearts and minds seek truth. And that greater calling outranks everything else.


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