How America’s Fake Poor Live Better than its Middle Class

In America, one person can eat for $62.00 per month as shown in the Elon Musk challenge (click here). However, the US food stamp program called SNAP currently pays an impoverished person an average of $125.35 per person per month for food.

Impoverished means you earn less than a certain amount of money in accordance with this chart.

As long as you earn in accordance with that chart, you qualify for free food. You also get free housing, free medical, free utilities, free smartphones, free internet, and a ton of other free stuff paid for by money America borrows from China and takes from its own citizens via taxes. It’s unsustainable.

However, the $125.35 you get for food, (in addition to housing, gas, medical, and all the other free things you get as a “poor person” in America) is more than double the $62 that has already been proven to be more than sufficient amount for food via the Elon Musk challenge.

This means welfare and state food subsidy payments are far too high.

Double payments are also occurring under the flawed food stamp snap benefit because children get free meals in school plus they still get the food stamps so it’s a double dip kind of payment.

For example children of impoverished families receive free breakfast and free lunch at school Monday thru Friday 365 days a year (yes even in the summer in most schools) yet each child plus the parents still receive $125 per month per person in food stamps. A house with 4 kids could get over $800 per month just in food stamps and because the kids eat free in school $500 is left over to sell or trade for luxuries since housing and other necessities are already provided free.

Could this be one of the reasons why many of those children wear $125/pair of Nike Air Jordan shoes?

Could this be why their homes have several big screen televisions?

Might this be why people receiving food stamps and are defined as impoverished always seem to have the latest iPhones, iPods, and iPads?

The people recieving these benefits live better and have more luxuries than most middle class folks who work 80 hours a week and can never get ahead.

Many people have witnessed food stamp recipients selling access to their SNAP cards so for $1.25 in cash per $2.00 food stamp. Meaning a food stamp recipient offers to go with a non food stamp person to the grocery store and let them do their shopping for cheap via their SNAP card if that person pays them anywhere from $0.50 to $1.25 in cash for each block of $2.00 food stamps.

That means the seller is illegally selling food stamps they clearly don’t need for cash and will then most likely use that cash for luxury products, drugs, or other things. It’s fraud on a grand scale.

Our families are suffering. We don’t have big screen televisions or iPhones or Air Jordan’s because the government is talking too much of our money to give to the people who happily accept it and demand more and more of it.

This kind of socialist based robbery of the working class needs to stop.

When the government meets 100% of a “poor person’s” basic needs by taxing and punishing the working class, the poor live like kings because every dollar they earn for themselves can be spent on luxuries, since their basic needs are already paid for.

Which politicians are going to stop it?


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