Alert: American Islamic Pro-Rape Group Rears Its Head Loudly

“Return of the Kings” is an organization made up of predominately middle eastern men that exists in the United States, and other nations, and wants to legalize rape.

These sick people have gotten the attention of Texas Governor Gregg Abbot who says they are not welcome in Texas.

Just a few years ago this kind of organization was virtually non existent.

Now it’s membership is growing exponentially as more people favor sharia law and view women as property to be owned and used.

Again, based on reports we have received, the membership is made up of predominantly middle eastern men and their webpage contains images of the Muslim Crusader Era Soldiers fighting and killing Medieval European Christian Crusader Armies.

America needs to wake up. Once this problem is so visible that it hits us in the face, it will be too late to stop it and our nation’s women will suffer greatly.

There is a White House petition requesting this organization be labeled as a terrorist group –

There are also various news outlets that are now starting to report on this group since it has gotten so large.

Group behind ‘make rape legal’ message cancels events nationwide, including in Utah

“This is crazy:” Group that promotes legalizing rape plans meet-up in Kenosha



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