Do a majority of African Americans and Hispanics support Donald Trump?

The December 9, 2015 MSNBC BING Snap Poll Results shown in the video clip below, show more than 75% of Americans favor Trump’s temporary immigration halt on muslims. In fact, Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters were from the African American and Hispanic socio-demographic groups, not whites, as the leftist media constantly tries to tell us.

Donald Trump uses big data analytics to analyze social media reactions and has repeatedly told both the press and his supporters that all this data shows large a majority of Americans are in favor of what he says and that is why he will win the presidency. (This is exactly why he does so much on social media, so he can measure the number of people that favor him).

Both MSNBC and BING refuse to deny the validity of the data shown in this MSNBC Snap Poll, BUT both removed it from their website. We believe this was done because this data does not match the message that MSNBC is trying to push out which is Trump’s opinins are crazy and he has no supporters except for crazy white males. This Snap Poll proves MSNBC’s narrive completely false.

In case you didn’t watch MSNBC on December 9, 2015, the only way you can get the video clip if you are not an MSNBC or Bing employee is to have recorded it live and saved it to a file outside of the control of both Bing and MSNBC like we did.

This information validates Donald Trump’s claims that the big data analytics are showing him that a vast majority of americans are on his side lead by African Americans and Hispanics and that the media is lying as it alwyas does since the american media has had close ties to the democratic party for many years.

You won’t find MSNBC and Bing issuing a statement saying this snap poll never happened because it did happen so MSNBC and Bing can’t deny it, nor can they deny the result because everyone who watched MSNBC on December 9, 2015 knows it.

Truth is liberating for only with truth can there be true freedom.

Don’t believe what the media is saying about Donald Trump because the facts show otherwise.


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