Lies Matter

News Flash (See Article from The Blaze)

  • Black woman gets pulled over for running a stop sign by white male police officer.
  • The fine for running a stop sign is $86 payable to the court either electronically or by certified check and 3 points against your driving record.
  • Police officer checks her drivers license and criminal background and determines that she has violated the law regarding not updating her drivers license with the current address.
  • The fine for not updating your drivers license to reflect your current address within 90 days of an address change is $28 payable to the court either electronically or by certified check.
  • The police officer should have issued a citation for both violations.
  • However he only cited her for the drivers license address violation, and completely ignored every other violation because most cops are nice if they are not behind on their department mandated citation quota.
  • She was shown mercy and kindness. The onboard dash cam captured everything regarding to the interaction between the two.
  • The woman decides she is going to report the police officer for drawing a gun and threatening to kill her.
  • She filled out a police report and certified that she was telling the truth.
  • The police Sargent (boss of the officer) pulls the dash cam video data, and checks the police officer’s computer search logs. The evidence found that the police officer actually did not issue the required citations but choose instead to show mercy by only issuing a citation for the address problem. The dash cam showed nothing but a cordial conversation from start to finish, no gun was drawn, and only a single citation was issued. The video even shows the woman appearing to be happy that she was shown mercy and only given the smaller less serious citation for the address problem. She was never cited for running the stop sign.
  • The woman was arrested and is now charged with the very serious crime of filing a false police report.
  • Imagine if there was no dash cam video.

With that background, try this on for size.

The Crux of the Matter

I bet that women honestly believes her own lies. When people have a sick psychological need to be the victim, the same sickness is also capable of enabling them to believe their own lies.

I’d like to see the result of a lie detector test on this woman. I honestly think she believes her own lie. I just need proof of it to be certain. A lie detector test would provide that proof.

Can you imagine what we are dealing with if these people actually believe, in the deepest depths of their hearts, that their own lies are true? If that is the situation in which we as a nation find ourselves, then we are dealing with a whole different problem that is much worse than anyone can possibly imagine.

I bet she would pass a lie detector test with flying colors if one were administered. There have been numerous indicators over the past year, exposing that this is for real.

The first major indicator was with “hands up don’t shoot”, and there have been others. I would bet that the original person who made up the original lie in each of those situations, actually believed their own lie, and convinced their own mind that it happened, even though it did not. It is one thing for a group to hear something, and then believe it at the group level.

However, I think these are individuals who believe the lies at the individual level, which is very frightening, because that means truth, evidence, and reality does not affect them. They are prisoners to their own fantasies which makes them dangerous people.

How long will it take a majority in American to realize that these people believe their own lies?

Once that realization happens, what can be done about these people who are “gone” and cannot “process reality”?

Allowing these dangerous people to interact with society means that all of our lives are being put at risk.


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