Freedom and Responsibility 

The statement below by Douglas Flores, a Venezuelan voter who just voted to reelect a socialist government,  is the exact reason why 3rd world nations have all the problems they have.

Quoting Mr. Flores: 

“I don’t believe it when the opposition says they’ll look out for the poor. Those guys were in power for years before Chavez came, and they never gave us a single thing – Douglas Flores

“…they never gave us a single thing..

That is it right there. That single phrase is the root cause of the problem.

The government is not supposed to give you anything Mr. Flores. It is supposed to stay the hell away from you, as far away as possible, so you can live your life in freedom. Freedom to succeed or fail by your own hand. Freedom so you can figure out what you need to do, and then take action, to get what you need. Freedom to live or die solely by your ability to run as fast as you can to survive, or to team up with others who can help you, and you help them. That’s what government is supposed to do. Anything beyond that is up to free people to work together and create for themselves, outside the control and restrictions of government. 

Sadly, the vote you cast condemned your nation to more shackles and enconimic hardship but what is even more depressing is that you honestly don’t know any better. You truly believe you did the right thing. Your heart is in the right place, but the wool that has been pulled over your mind condems you to a life of slavery. 

Sadly, freedom is frightening for many people because with freedom, YOU are your first and last line of defense, you are YOUR first and last line of hope, and you are your first and last cause for success or failure. 

With freedom, you bear the ultimate responsibility for yourself, you can’t blame anyone else but you. 

Think about it for a moment and it becomes very clear why so many people don’t really want freedom.

But I do, and so do others like me. It was our kind, who formed the United States. And if someday the United States takes away the freedom it was founded with, people like me will do whatever we have to to build that kind of nation again.


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