Failure of the Media to Speak Accurately

This explains why the American news media is not helpful to anyone. They receive a failing grade just dealing with the simple concept of terrorism and the nature of its association with Islam. It is errant to refer to Islam as a religion just as it is errant to refer to Christianity as a religion. Info graphic below explains it all. This is precisely the reason why some people who claim to be islamic say “Islam is a religion of peace” and some say “Islam is a religion of Jihad”. Nobody knows what the hell they are talking about. Find the specific religion that tends to produce the terrorists and once you identify it, publish its name. Then watch it very closely. There is most likely one, two, or a handful of specific religions that the terrorists are coming from. That is the key piece of information required for the west to win the war on terror. In the meantime, calling Islam a religion and saying its of peace or of war only creates confusion through erroneous generalizations and breeds agitation between liberals and conservatives when one Muslim contradicts another.Islam_&_TheNewsMedia


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