Open letter to Pope Francis

Pope Francis, many people are suggesting that you informed Catholics and the World that we must let criminals who approach us and seek to do us harm have their way.

Some say you told the world at your youth ralley in Turin, Italy that those who own or invest in tools to protect their families are evil, and that we are not Christisns unless we allow evil men to rape our wives and kill our families while we can only pray to God to make it stop.

I hope all the millions of people around the globe misunderstood your words since the Roman Catholic Church’s official teachings directly contradict what people think you said.

Cannon Law 2263 specifically allows the use of deadly force to preserve your life when under a direct attack by someone seeking to end your life.

Since you don’t have the power to change those teachings, I cant imagine you would be contradicting that since to do so would make you a heretic.

Surely you meant to say that owning a gun makes you a gun owner just as owning a car makes you a car owner, since both items are amoral and can be used for good or for evil.

Many are claiming that you should go back to seminary for a refresher course in theology 101 and stop focusing on the weather and climatology since neither of those are helpful to your job of saving souls.

Surely they misunderstood you.

However, if these reports are true, many life long devout Catholics may leave because you have destroyed their confidence and belief that the Roman Catholic Church is the Church implemented by Jesus Christ.

Many would like to know why God chose to put a destroyer in the Seat of Peter who is openly attacking 2000 years of doctrine.

Why is God allowing the annhilation of his own Church by allowing it’s visible head to speak with the tongue of the serpent?

Help us understand!

Gun owners and investors are not evil. We don’t want to be forced to use our guns for self defense.

We would much prefer to only use them for sport shooting in targeteting contests and in skill based events.

By blanketly calling such people evil, you are engaging in prejudice and discrimination. You are judging people based on some stereotype you have which doesn’t match reality.

But more importantly, you are providing ammunition to a specific totalitarian political faction that is very powerful in Amercia. The faction which I speak about hates the Catholic Church and wants to remove it from society, while removing the freedom of its citizens.

This political group calls Catholics every evil word imaginable and punishes us for living our faith in the public square. However every time you say something that is beneficial to them, they all of a suddenly say “see Pope Francis agrees we should take away your freedom and force totalitarianism upon you”.

Your poor communication is very dangerous for Americans Catholics because it gives our enemies power to further their anti-Catholic agenda. I am sure the USCCB already told you this but so far it’s fallen on deaf ears.

We will keep you in our prayers.

We need your help.

We don’t need you giving power to the enemies of the Church and others who wish to harm it.


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