Liberal Lies, Deceit, & The Syrian Refugee

There have been a lot of people attacking those who do not want to accept any Syrian refugees. Specifically throwing around terms like bigot, racist, hater, or another words that lead the ill informed to think we don’t want to accept Syrian refugees out of some kind of evil hatred, when in reality it is love that drives our desire.

First and foremost, our love of our family and countrymen is such that we do not want any harm to come to them.

Secondly, we already know ISIS terrorists and Iranian foreign agents will be entering the USA with the refugees as this was clearly proclaimed both by ISIS and by Iran. The USA does not have the ability to stop this, and that fact is indisputable.

Once those ISIS and Iranian agents are within our borders it is clear as to exactly what they will do since they have already told us.

Our love for our families and our countrymen forbids us from accepting this certain destruction and harm that is guaranteed to come with the Syrian refugees.

Getting back to the people who call us haters and bigots, I also want to mention that there are even some who say if a Christian wants to prevent this certain destruction from happening he or she is not a Christian. The fact that I have to write an article to explain their failed logic away as nonsense shows just how completely out of touch with Christianity the modern progressive American has become.

Jesus Christ does not want you to violate your conscience and perform an action that you believe is gravely sinful or dangerous. And allowing the kind of death and destruction, that has already been declared and guaranteed by the perpetrators, to enter our country to take your family and countrymen is clearly such a violation.

Now this brings us back to the question, what should happen to the Syrian people who are trying to get to a safer place and preserve their lives?

Perhaps there are better ways to handle this than wholesale migration.

Does nobody want to reclaim their land?

And this leads me to another point, how can the disabled care for the weak?

Yes American is disabled. We have been disabled by our socialist leanings and by out massive debt. We cannot survive without increasing our debt because we have been spending above our income for many years. All we need to do is spend within our means and stop using our national credit card and it becomes clear we cannot afford anything we currently have, let alone take on new costs such as the Syrian refugees.

Jesus Christ does not want people to become impotent and lose their source of food and drink or their capacity and ability to help those in need, so that they become just as needy as the people they are trying to help. That’s horrible judgement or giving money you don’t have and is a violation of everything Christ stands for. It’s ineffective to kill yourself so you can help anyone. When was the last time a broke and homeless person provided shelter, education, warm food, and money for cloths and shoes to a refugee? Never. Because that homeless person has nothing to give.

Americans have fought and died to preserve their nation in both the revolutionary war and the civil war. Very few fled to Canada, Mexico, or other counties. Their will was to fight and liberate their people. With that said, what is wrong with the Syrian refugees that they do not do the same? Such a people will never possess a strong nation as their actions are total weakness. I say accept the children, the truly defenseless, truly needy, the weak, the handicapped, the elderly yes. Accept them and bring them here IF we can afford it. None of those people have the capacity to wage war against Americans and if we can help those in need, ok.

Why not require those able bodied Syrian men to fight for their nation in the war in Syria, as a pre-requisite of us helping and caring for their wives, children, elderly, handicapped, and others seeking to flee the war torn land. This to me sounds fair. At least the strong and able bodied men are contributing something instead of everyone taking. Sounds exactly like what Jesus Christ requires of every one of us does it not? Merciful, helpful, and loving, yet just and will not accept waste or half efforts.

With that said, it is clear progressive Americans who play the “Christian card” only invoke it as a weapon to use against conservatives and Christians whom they hate. Nobody falls for such idiocy except others who are either filled with hate like them or who have been blinded and brainwashed by their schools and culture. Normal thinking men and women know better.

You see, Christianity has a big component that liberals never talk about but Jesus always did. It’s called “Right Judgement” or Discernment and its talked about in the bible a lot, as well as listed in the beatitudes. It’s basically the ability to fairly, properly, and rightly apply the actions and precepts of Christianity, in a right, suitable, proper, and proportional way, to real world situations. It involves the word no, and it involves assessing capacities, and statuses, and determining a proper course of action.

American culture has long ago outlawed the word no along with its counterparts which are right judgement and discernment. In fact, American culture will punish you for those things. Exercise right Judgement, discernment, and its counterpart which is the word “No” and you are a bigot, a hater, an evil person, who must be punished. Stand against sin, you’re a bigot. Believe women should not be able to kill their unborn children via abortion, you’re a hater or an oppressor. Want to keep your family and countrymen safe from harm’s way by locking your doors, you are a racist and a bigot. Want to prevent your tax money from being used to purchase and distribute condoms, you are a bigot and a hater. Publically stand against sin and you will lose your job and possibly be the target of a hate crime or an assault for your backward way of thinking.

No wonder America keeps spending money it does not have, to pay for things it cannot afford, because it can’t say no since to say no makes you a “bigot”, “hater”, “racist”, or “evil person”. And that very concept is exactly what’s in play with the left when they attack Christians and conservatives who are weary about opening the doors to the ISIS Terrorists and Iranian foreign agents who already told us they are embedded with the Syrian refugees.

In conclusion something or some kind of help should given to those who are seeking help. But who gives the help or what form is takes should be part of a national discussion to insure that we do not give away out ability to sustain ourselves, and we don’t allow our own death and destruction to cross the border in the form of ISIS terrorists and Iranian foreign agents who already guaranteed to us they are entering with the refugees.

Christ never ordered humanity to violate the very conscience He designed us with. In fact he ordered us not to violate that conscience. And suicide guarantees that you will go to hell unless you suffer from mental illness or some other extenuating circumstances. However, Progressive Americans, by means of this Syrian refugee situation, are lying to us because they are telling us that Christ ordered us to do both.


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