Sorry Bill Nye, ‘You literally don’t know what you’re talking about’

In a video recently published by Bill Nye the Science Guy , he insults and disrespects the dignity of human life by attempting to claim that science is at odds with certain things pro-life supporters believe.

Unfortunately for Mr. Nye, his argument is patently false, not only from a scientific standpoint, but also from a logic standpoint. 

Mr. Nye approaches the topic in a unique way. However, the assumption he makes about the pro-life platform is incorrect. He is, in essence, attempting to argue against a point that nobody is claiming.

This means that he either does not understand what those advocating for life are saying, or he understands but knows he cannot win if he addresses the topic head-on. 

This places him in a very precarious situation because if he doesn’t understand, it exposes him as someone who lacks basic comprehension skills. And if he does understand, then he just exposed himself as someone with a political agenda and that fact adulterates his science, since it’s no longer in the service of truth. 

Mr. Nye basically argues that when a man and woman have intercourse, more than one egg gets fertilized, and while only one egg ends up sticking to the vaginal wall, the other fertilized eggs, which pro-lifers claim are humans, end up being naturally ejected from the womb because they don’t stick to the wall.
His exact words are as follows:

“Many, many more hundreds of eggs are fertilized than become humans,” he says, because not all of those eggs will attach to a woman’s uterine wall and result in pregnancy. But if you’re going to hold that as a standard—that life begins at conception and any egg that’s fertilized has the same rights as an individual—well, “Whom do you sue? Whom do you throw in jail?” he asks. “Every woman who has had a fertilized egg pass through her? Every guy whose sperm has fertilized an egg and then it didn’t become a human?”

This is patently false. Any medical expert can tell you that.  Furthermore, a resource that articulates what really happens in a clear and easy to understand way is the BabyCenter Website. That website and your normal Ob-Gyn can tell you that during ovulation, the ripest egg is released and swept into one of the fallopian tubes, even though between 15 and 20 eggs mature inside the ovaries each month, only one of them actually gets released unless there is some kind of biological anomaly, which is not all that common. One example of how such an anomaly, if it happens, is twins.

This fact proves that Bill Nye is misleading his viewers through lies and obfuscation. However, Mr. Nye’s lies are irrelevant because he completely avoids addressing the actual issue the pro-life movement is concerned with, which is “the deliberate decision to take the life of another human being.” 

If the argument was that we must stop death, and that seems to be the topic Mr. Nye is trying to refute, he may be ok from a logic standpoint even though his science is patently untrue. 

However, nobody in the pro-life movement is saying that we need to, or even have a moral obligation to, stop natural death. 

Therefore, why Mr. Nye makes this argument is unknown. It isn’t logically relevent.

Who do we sue when someone dies a natural death? Do we sue the family members of the little old woman who dies of old age? Who do we sue if a child dies from cancer? Do we sue the parents of children born with a disease that will eventually cause them to die? By asking who should we sue when someone, be it a fully grown human or a fertilized egg, dies a natural death, Mr. Nye puts his ignorance on display for all to see. He tries to refute something that nobody is claiming and has become quite a laughing stock doing that. However, let us move forward and address the natural death issue.

You see, if an old person has a heart attack and dies, that’s a natural process. If a small child trips, falls, cracks their skull, and dies, that’s a natural death. In both of those examples, nobody deliberately set out to end a person’s life. Natural death happens all day long, Accidents happen. People get sick, old, contract disease, and ultimately die. Natural death is not the issue.

However, “the deliberate action of taking it upon yourself to cause or aid in the ending of human life.” is.  

You see, by deliberately doing something to end the life of another human being, either by preventing it from sticking to the vaginal wall, or decapitating its limbs and crushing its skull, you are not only taking from that vulnerable human being, their dignity, you are also forcibly taking their life. Nobody has the right to take the life of another human being.

However, Abortion is even more sinister than murder because it involves a rape component, if we define rape as “violating and acting against the will of another”. With Abortion, not only are you forcibly ending human life, but you are doing it without the permission of the person you are killing, which makes it even worse.

Anyone who remembers the infamous Doctor Kevorkian, knows all too well that he killed the elderly.  However, as bad as that was, at least he was acting on the order of the person who wanted to die. He killed them only after obtaining their permission. 

However, with Abortion, the people that are killed never gave permission which makes abortion the ultimate form of evil, it’s rape and murder  plain and simple.

Human life ends all day long naturally, but that isn’t the problem. The problem is when one human being decides they are going to put their own selfish desires above the rights of another, weaker, more vulnerable human being, and deliberately take that person’s life against their will, and in full violation of their right to life and their human dignity.

That’s the problem. That right there is the problem.

Bill Nye the science guy may be suffering from the deafness, dumbness, and blindness that naturally results from denying the existence of God, and rejecting the value and universal dignity of human life.

Imagine the effects of millions of people committing micro-aggressions on a daily basis, millions of people acting out of selfishness without any regard or concern for the dignity of other human beings. Imagine the effects of those micro-aggressions on humanity. Religions have a much older word for micro-aggressions. Religions call them “SIN”.

SIN is the personal daily implementation of micro-aggression. It could be telling a lie, causing harm, or simply deciding not to care about or respect another person. Those micro-aggressions or sins have real destructive consequences. If performed over time by millions of people, the net effect of SIN is extremely destructive. Religion has long understood the natural result of micro-aggression and developed tools that can be used to help yourself and others avoid committing micro-aggressions or acts of SIN because of how destructive the effects are on humanity. 

As smart as Bill Nye supposedly is as a scientist, does he not observe the measurable and quantifiable results of sin on the world around him? How is it possible for him to ignore measurable and quantifiable results unless he is no longer in the service of science?

Could it be that Bill Nye, literally, has no idea what he is talking about? Or has he simply decided to serve something sinister by making the decision to reject the dignity and value of human life and instead use science to serve whatever his sinister objective really is?


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