Showdown of Eternal Proportions

The Epic Showdown of Eternal Proportions is Nigh. Satan would prefer that we take a front row seat, grab some popcorn, and watch the show. In contrast, Jesus Christ Himself calls each of us to take up our cross, and live, speak, and act in support of Christ and HIS Church.

Roman Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke recently made the following statements: 

QUOTE: “we’re in a time of crisis within the church, we may have to give our all (including our very lives) to safeguard and promote the truth of the faith not only for ourselves and our own generation but also for those to come.”

QUOTE: “If this means that Cardinals will be opposed to Cardinals then we simply have to accept the fact that that’s the situation in which we find ourselves,”

QUOTE: “Certainly for my part I don’t look for this kind of conflict but in defending the truth of the faith I end up in a disagreement or conflict with another cardinal, what has to be primary to me is the truth of the faith.”

Bishop Schneider even mentioned that it’s possible we may be heading towards a Schism in 2015 that may manifest itself as the result of the October Synod.

Watch the Video 


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