At the Head of the Table, sits The Wolf

An ever growing number of Roman Catholics rightly believe in their heart of hearts that many of the words and actions of Pope Francis are dangerous. This shakes the very foundation of how they understand the Church and causes them to question if it was really established by God.

Consider for a moment that God’s ways are not man’s ways.

When your leaders are Sheepish and your Sanctuary is in danger what do you do? You place someone in the position of leadership that will fully ignite a fire underneath the very leaders that you need to stand up and shake the entire institution back on track.

Sometimes you have to place a wolf in the room, at the head of the table, so that the strongest sheep will band together, rise up, call him out, and send him back to the forest where he can do no more damage to the flock.

You see, when the sheep are fat and happy, their motivation disappears. There is no better way to motivate then to allow the sheep to encounter the most serious of threats and the gravest of dangers. God’s ways are not man’s ways.

His method is unconventional, but as Burke, Schneider, Pell, and others continue to speak louder and longer, while standing against that which is dangerous to the souls of the flock, more and more people will see the method God is using to rebuild His Church and come to understand that this method will ensure the Church becomes stronger than it ever was.

The current crisis is just temporary. Let not your hearts be troubled. The wolf at the head of the table is helping the Church, just not in the way we are used to seeing and expecting him to. It is frightening,  but keep in mind that God’s ways are not man’s ways and God will never let the wolf harm the flock. 



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