Sacking The Sanctuary: Wolves & Bandits Enter Through Open Gates

Pope Francis Says Closed Doors Lead to Museums.

He fails to realize how easy it is for wolves and bandits enter through open doors.

What is the purpose of allowing someone to enter the Sanctuary, who has already made up his or her mind to completely disobey the teachings of Christ and refuse to repent or express any desire whatsoever to love and try to do what’s right? People whose purpose is to enter and defile. The people who say “I am happy sinning and I will never stop it! If you do not endorse my sin, then you are an evil bigot!”. What is the purpose of opening the door to someone with evil intentions like that except to allow them to work towards the complete and total destruction of the very Sanctuary you allowed them to enter?

The Unrepentant and Indignant Adulterer, The Unrepentant and Indignant Homosexual, The Unrepentant and Indignant Thief or Con Artist.

These were not the same people as the Sinners and Tax Collectors who sought out Jesus in the Bible and asked Him for forgiveness and for help to become a better person.

These are a completely different kind of people, a different kind of sinner. A dangerous kind of people, a dangerous kind of sinner. People or sinners who were always working against Christ and his followers. The Pharisees. They were not the kind of people, or sinners, who dined or walked with Him.

What is the purpose of allowing these dangerous advasaries into the Sancutary, adversaries seeking to harm the Church and blaspheme Christ or harm his followers? Why allow them to enter at all unless the goal is the destruction of the Sanctuary?



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