The Silent Answer – Vatican and USCCB Refuse to Address Questions Asked by the Faithful

  • Why is Pope Francis winking and nodding in support of the American Political forces that are promoting the acceptance of illegal invasion? Those are the same political forces that hate Christianity and seek to destroy the influence of the Roman Catholic Church in American Society. Why does Pope Francis always wink and nod in support of that political group? If America is flooded with illegal invaders, the government increases the tax burden on American citizens and businesses so it can use that money to hand out free food, shelter, smart phones, college education, and other benefits that most American families cannot even afford on their own. This destroys the economy. What specifically does the Vatican gain by destroying the economic power of the United States of America?
  • Why did Pope Francis authorize his ambassador to state that the Roman Catholic Church supports Verbatim, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which include provisions for abortion and contraception? – We know they clarified this after the fact, but what concerns us isn’t the clarification, our concern is the initial Verbatim support. Nobody pays attention to after the fact clarifications. Why was this his initial verbatim support authorized by the Pope? Why was it issued?
  • What is the specific goal or objective the Vatican wanted to achieve by posting the controversial material on the German language Vatican radio website? – Why was this only on the German language version of the official Vatican radio website and not on all versions? More importantly why was it removed upon Church Militant’s inquiry? It seems like it never should have been put online in the first place. Our question is why was it online only on the German site and what objective or goal did Pope Francis want to achieve with it?
  • Why did the Pope receive the communist cross in his hands when it was given by Evo Morales? Why did he not refuse it directly and rebuke Morales as promoting sacrilege? Even though Pope Francis left the cross at the foot of the Marian statue and elaborated on why he cannot accept it, many people perceived his initial receipt of the item in his hands, and failure to rebuke Morales for it, as a tacit endorsement of socialism. Anything he did after the fact doesn’t matter because the initial perception was already formed. In addition to that, the impact of calling that cross “protest art” sent a message to those who hate the church and are trying to undermine Christian influence in the United States that says “the pope condones the creation and distribution of insulting symbols and Anti-Catholic/Christian messages” – In addition to that, we have observed people saying “..the pope has to pretend he supports the traditional things that the church has always supported, but everyone sees him winking and nodding, everyone knows he finally understands that this is a new age we live in and fundamentally transforming  the church into what the world has always wanted it to be is the only way they will survive. Thank God Pope Francis stands with Obama on all these things. You are out pal. It’s not your church anymore.”  – That’s the way many people are understanding what is happening.
  • Why did Pope Francis “REALLY” send Cardinal Burke to Malta? Why does he allow Cardinal Kasper to publish books and run around preaching Heresy, while Burke, an orthodox preacher was silenced?
  • Every day, it seems that more and more catholic groups are coming into existence to stand against what they perceive to be destructive and dangerous internal changes happening at the highest levels of the Roman Catholic Church. Church Militant, Il Conservatore Media, and a ton of others keep popping up and rearing their heads. It seems a new group shows up on the scene to stand up to this every day. Why? Obviously when more and more orthodox, faithful, and loyal Catholics who are in full communion with church teaching keep arriving on the scene and expressing concern, surely this indicates that something troubling is happening.
  • If all these concerns are invalid, and all these questions are illegitimate and not steeped in reality, prove it to us. Show the faithful who ask you for answers where and how we are incorrect. Prove us all wrong! We would love that more than anything else! We hope and pray we are wrong!
  • Why did the Pope say we need global solutions to local problems? Again, this is understood to be an endorsement of a world government. A large and controlling government only brings with it more corruption and problems. The more local something is, the easier it is for the people to manage and combat corruption.
  • Why does the Pope constantly speak negatively of unfettered capitalism? Unfettered capitalism doesn’t exist anywhere on earth and hasn’t existed anywhere for at least 15-20 years. If anything, it appears that socialism which has existed to a greater or lesser degree in every nation since the late 1980’s, is the cause of problems. There is also an erroneous tendency, rooted in errant logic, to link sweatshops to capitalism. Sweat shops, and fishing slave ships, etc. are not intrinsically associated with any particular economic system since those things happened in communist Russia, communist North Korea, monarchies such as the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, democratic nations where elements of capitalism are present, and also happened in places like Somalia during a time when no functioning government or organized economic system has been in place. If those things only happened in capitalist societies people could understand, but they don’t and that’s where the logic of It breaks down and causes concern. Those things don’t appear to have anything to do with capitalism whatsoever, given the reality that they occur across the entire political and economic landscape. When Pope Francis speaks of capitalism as evil, a lot of people are concerned because capitalism isn’t the problem. Evil people who want what they want at the expense of others are. Why does this Pope want to give ammo, fodder, and legitimacy to those seeking to oppress others through socialism?

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