Letter to Scott Hahn regarding Improper Response to Questions expressed by Sincere Catholics

To:   Scott Hahn

Office of Scott Hahn

718 Belleview Blvd

Steubenville, OH  43952

Email: email@scotthahn.com

Fax: FAX (740) 283-2965

Mr. Hahn:

We are sending this on behalf of several of our patrons who were engaged in a lively, excited, and interesting discussion thread on your Scott Hahn Facebook page around 11:30 PM eastern time on August 19, 2015.  Around 20 people were actively engaged in a spirited discussion about Pope Francis and many people were asking questions about a variety of topics. Several of them even referenced one of the letters we sent to the USCCB but have never received a response to.

What is of great concern to us, is that you deleted the entire discussion and banned several Facebook users from being able to post to your page. This action seems more like censorship and avoidance rather than the promotion of respect along with free and open dialogue with the goal of reaching the truth and/or the correction of false logic.

What is interesting is that the participants of the discussion that was deleted, and the people banned, all claim to be in full catholic orthodoxy and in 100% in support of the magisterium and theology of the roman catholic church. Many of their questions centered around the secular and non theological actions of Pope Francis and several Cardinals along with discussion about the effectiveness of communication and errant perceptions many people in America are receiving as a result of actions and words of Pope Francis and those close to him.

We can understand removing instigators or people whose goal is to malign or insult, but when you delete and ban people who are sincerely asking questions and expressing concerns, and asking for answers, that kind of response seems sinister to us, and to the people you deleted and banned.

The folks who contacted us about the deletion and ban have expressed that they are lifelong Roman Catholics who chose this faith and feel betrayed by many of the non-theological actions this Pope is taking. They have also expressed betrayal by you, because they never expected your reaction to the thread that included their questions to be what it was. As a result, their respect and trust in you has been severely shaken, and quite frankly so has ours.

We hope you will review this situation and reach out to us if you wish to repair the damage done last night with the deletion. A growing number of lifelong Catholics are feeling an increased sence of betrayal by the very people they once respected when instead of answering sinker and heartfelt concerns and questions, you and other folks like the USCCB and specific cardinals just outright ban them and do not even have the common decency to reach out as Christ would and explain to them why, especially when they ask.

To quote one of them specifically “Il we hope your organization can help us. I don’t understand why the hierarchy and modern day doctors of the church like Scott Hahn continue to kick us in the teeth when we raise these questions. Continuing to disrespect and dismiss the concerns of your most ardent and life long supporters is bound to have a negative effect. I am not the only one who feels this way, and our numbers are only increasing.”

Please, Mr. Hahn, we hope that you will do something to correct this problem. If it continues to build, I don’t think anything good will come from that. However, addressing the concerns directly now will prevent its continued escalation. We ask you to please look into this matter and please do what you believe is “the right thing to do, in order to make the situation right.”


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