Legalizing Prostitution is One More Mechanism To Destroy The Family

Why is amnesty international putting legalized prostitution out as a hot issue right now?

Simple – When prostitution is legal and readily available, several things happen:

(1) it becomes less expensive

(2) it becomes more normalized

(3) it becomes easier to participate in

(4) more women will be prostitutes

(5) more men will purchase prostitution services

(6) this will further erode the family because more families will be forced to deal with the issue due to wives, daughters, sons, or husbands participating in it.

(7) Over time, the family will be further harmed by the cultural chaos and disorder that results from more normalized and accessible prostitution

(8) More families will get more chaotic or more families will become “open” and engage in wife swapping and switching and/or group sex.

Who funds Amnesty International?

Who benefits from the destruction of the family?

Government once wanted to promote and strengthen families because strong families removed the participants from burdening the state.

Now, governments and world bodies want the exact opposite. Why?

Why do they now want to increase the reliance of people on government?

Who benefits from everyone having to rely more and more on the government?

What is the ultimate result when the world moves down this trajectory to its ultimate fruition


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