Letter to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

To: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Apostolic Nuncio
3339 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 2000

We are sending this because there are many matters related to Pope Francis and the current Vatican administration that greatly concern us.

We are devout Roman Catholics who are extremely concerned about numerous actions taken by this pope and inconsistencies that exist within the church hierarchy on non-theological matters. We represent a growing group of conservative/orthodox Roman Catholics who are losing trust in the church leadership under Pope Francis. Some of us are even fearful and concerned that a schism may be on the horizon if things continue on their current trajectory.

We posted the links shown below under the concerns section of this letter, and made comments on the USCCB Facebook page last night and asked the USCCB to address the listed concerns that Roman Catholics have about this pope and the inconsistency between the actions of various bishops and clergy, some of whom echo this pope and some who do not.

We also expressed concern about a possible schism since the topic of chaos at the very top and schism continues to come up at the dinner tables and discussions among Roman Catholics in their day to day lives and activities.

We are lifelong Roman Catholics who chose this faith and we feel betrayed by many of the non-theological actions this Pope is taking. We don’t want an adversarial relationship with the church.

Please, we hope that you will answer our questions and alleviate our concerns.  We were and are the guys who show up in church every Sunday, help with the collection, stand up for things like NFP, and are vocal in supporting Catholic Schools, decry those who attack the Church’s Religious Beliefs, stand against things like the contraceptive mandate of Obamacare, and publically in our homes and places of business fight to correct false understandings people we meet and interact with have about the theology, beliefs, and practices of Roman Catholicism. We are the guys who you might consider to be the bedrock of the Church or Holy warriors of Christ if you will. That’s why we are concerned about the actions of this Pope. We feel like the leadership of very Church we have taken injury for,  made sacrifices for, acted as a bullet proof vest for in a metaphorical sense, and even bled for in some instances is betraying us and pushing us away with the actions the current Pope and his administration are taking on a number of non-theological fronts.

Some of our concerns are:

  • We do not trust the UN. This was taught to us in Catholic grade school and in Catholic high school by the priests and nuns who taught us. The UN is not to be trusted as is run by people and has a history of working against the Catholic Church, against freedom, and against human life and dignity. The UN is bad , evil, and the priests and nuns gave us a trove of evidence over the course of 12 years to prove it.  Catholic college has also reinforced those beliefs. This was and is commonplace in American Catholic schools. I have yet to find someone who didn’t experience this type of instruction. With that background in mind, can you see why the following article greatly concerns us? This is what hundreds of thousands of Catholics believe because this is what hundreds of thousands of Catholics learned in Catholic School. Can you see why we are upset? The pope is mocking us. – https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/vatican-bishop-mocks-right-wing-critics-who-think-un-is-the-devil 

Many people have brought these issues to our parish priests and dioceses but both the priests and dioceses have not addressed them comprehensively. All we get is “the media distorts the pope’s message” but that’s false because so many people listen to catholic news outlets such as radiovaticana.va and national  catholic register, and still we all have the same concerns that only increase the deeper we investigate what the pope said.

We posted comments similar to this, but in louder and more excited style, to the USCCB Facebook page last night, only to find that 6 hours after the posts were made, the USCCB completely deleted them without comment, contact, or attempting to address the issues. Then they BANNED us from future posting. Why?

We feel that these actions by the USCCB to censor the inquiry resulting from serious concerns about the non-theological actions of this Pope and his administration are unjust. You could have at least reached out to us and attempted to address our concerns. Honestly, refusing to do so will only result in us getting louder. We don’t want an adversarial relationship with the leadership of the Church but failure to address our concerns is pushing us away with few other options.

What are we to do when nobody addresses our concerns? What are we to think?  We will be happy if you tell us we are wrong, and provide proof as to exactly why. Honestly, that would be such great news to us. And if we respond with additional questions and clarification, and you respond back, that would be wonderful. We are getting louder because nobody is helping to alleviate our concerns.

We implore the USCCB to dialogue with us on our concerns because they are both serious and numerous. What specifically led to you banning us from posting on your Facebook page? What can we do to get that ban lifted? We are sincere folks who are speaking and doing what we feel morally compelled to speak and do, and we get banned for that?

Please don’t push us away. We hope and pray that you will address our concerns.

A special side note, many of us are afraid of losing our jobs because of our loud support for our Roman Catholic faith, and how we believe it should intersect with society, politics, and culture. That is why we formed Il Conservatore Media. We are afraid the world will harm us if they know our identities, but we feel compelled to speak up in support of Church teaching and its related intersection points in society. We saw bakers get run out of business, and death threats made against other conservative Christians who have publically spoken out in favor of catholic and Christian principals, so we are deathly afraid, that is why we are sending this as Il Conservatore media. We have multiple jobs with families and children to feed. But we are warriors for Christ and his Church and we will continue to support Roman Catholicism even in the face of persecution and failed leadership.

Please answer our concerns. We really are the Good Guys, and we believe you banned us from commenting on your Facebook page because you truly misunderstood us. We want to immediately correct that misunderstanding in a very loud and clear way, since we know how problematic and betraying that kind of failure is by watching Pope Francis and his advisors.

Please do not push away the very people that the Church has saved and helped, and whom would give up their own lives in return because of the deep love and bond they have with the church. Please answer us.


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