Smitten and Singing Kumbaya

I was speaking with an American earlier today who calls himself a liberal progressive.

He was speaking about the Iran nuclear deal as if it was written to show the Iranian people that Americans love them and care about them and want the best for them.

As he continued to try and sell me on how good it is for the world, I felt hypnotized by his words and for several minutes, I experienced the same kind of feeling I get when I am in church experiencing the forgiveness and compassion of Jesus.

Then it hit me.

I often read and listen to American social conservative commentators talk about how liberals hate god and fight against Christian culture.

If that is true, then it is very clear what liberalism does for them.

The feeling they get, the self-immolation and self-harm they inflict on their nation, the feeling often called “Kumbaya” by conservative commentators. That’s how liberals experience what everyone else gets inside the church or within organized religion.

Since liberals hate god, and don’t embrace organized religion, they have no way to experience that feeling the traditional way it is dispensed.

Without organized religion, the “feel good” aspect of liberalism is the only source that can give that kind of feeling to them.  

That explains perfectly why they are so entranced and smitten by it, and why they remain faithful to it, regardless of how logically unsound it is.


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