The Bakers, and Butchers who Are Attempting to Destroy Them Because of their Religious Beliefs

Anyone who claims the reason the bakers were fined $135,000 is that the fine was punishment for violating a court imposed gag order is telling a lie.

Both the $135,000 monetary fine and the Gag Order were issued by the same administrative law judge, at the same time, as part of a single administrative panel decision that dealt with both issues.

This decision was ultimately upheld by bureau of labor administration commissioner Bradley Avakian.

The fine was not imposed as a result of the Klein’s violation a court-imposed gag order, the fine was issued at the same time, and as part of the same decision that issued the gag order.

The Klein’s would bake cakes all day long for gay people. So clearly they do not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, sexual orientation, or any other trait. They would bake a birthday cake for a gay person, and have done this many times. They would also bake a retirement cake and a graduation cake for a gay person, and have done that.

However, they will not bake cakes for actions they believe are sinful or are ordered against God.

  • They wont bake a cake for a KKK Rally, because the action of uniting and shouting hateful comments about gay people and black people is evil.
  • They won’t bake a cake for an Adult Entertainment Expo because the action of celebrating the creation and distribution of pornographic images is an action they believe to be ordered against God.
  • They wont bake a cake for a straight person who plans to use the cake at a gay wedding because the Klein’s believe that the act of contributing to or celebrating a union between same sex people is an action ordered against God.

If they were discriminating based on the trait of “gay” they would not serve or bake cakes for any gay people. But this is clearly not the case, since they have baked many cakes for gay people and have no plans to stop. They just don’t want to bake cakes that are used to in the context of SPECIFIC ACTIONS that they believe are ordered against God.

The action of choosing not to associate with or participate in a specific action or behavior that is ordered against God is very different from discriminating against people due to a trait that person has, such as sexual orientation.

On a side note, when the media published the names of the owners of the bakery, as part of the story regarding the lesbian wedding, the owners of the bakery and their small children were subjected to death threats and other vicious attacks.

In the interest of fairness, the public should also know who the accusers are because the accusers should be able to answer questions about the discrimination and to call for those attacking the bakers and their children to stop and be civilized.


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