Restoring Credibility after Epic Failure

Right now, a large number of people believe that this pope supports socialism, the democratic party, and a one world government, with an affinity to re-define marriage.

Now, I know he made statements in opposition to the re-definition of marriage, and he made them forcefully and on many different occasions. However, he has not done anyting to combat the perception on the other issues related to the environment, government, and social justice topics.

Since he has corrected misperceptions multiple times in the past on the marriage topic, that proves that this pope does correct misperceptions. However, his silence on correcting the other topics is of great concern to many, and within the context of previous pontiffs who railed against communism and socialism. Given his track record for correcting misperceptions, his silence on the non-marriage topics is breaking eardrums and speaking volumes.

His exact words in Bolivia, as taken directly from and within context from the transcript published on the vatican’s own news agency’s website were that “there must be global solutions for local problems, the people can not continue to exist in their current state”.

Some questions I have are:

(1) What state is that, the ability to freely live or die by their own hands?

(2) The ability to rise up and replace local officials who are corrupt, even if it means through a revolution?

(3) What do you find problematic about the state of freedom from a large overarching big brother that controls your life and enslaves you to its rule by means of socialist policy?

(4) What about when your religious beliefs conflict with the global solution, once the global solution is implemented you will not have the ability to stand against it since it is much larger than any local problem?

Many Americans will take the freedom of the wild west, to starve and die or prosper and live by their own hand any day over the alternative option. If self reliance, and banding together with others for survival and sustenance outside of the control of an opperessive government is against God then that isolates and betrays a large number of America Catholics because many Catholic’s most foundation level understanding of God is intrinsically tied to and steeped in freedom. God gave us free will, he gave us freedom. I don’t know of any concentration camps, or state sponsored genocides that happened within a wild west environment. Those things only happened when a large controllong government was in the picture.

None the less, the Pope’s words within the context of his larger speech sounded like he was issuing a call for socialism.

Having said all that, and focusing solely on statement’s made by Sachs (in the article, about the American understanding of God given rights, I’d like to think the Vatican press office is more than just a vacant office with a single part time staffer, and they are working overtime on putting out rebuttle arguments to combat this, assuming its not true. But it appears that they are not.

Isn’t the job of a press office to make sure the media gets message, and to correct them if they don’t? The silence on these types of things is the same as agreeing with them. Since that’s what people precieve, and the Pope and all his Ph.D advisors know the realities of people’s perception and the media (since I as a dumb guy know this, all the more are they that much smarter and know it even better than I do) , why do they do nothing to correct it, if its not true?

On top of that, his refusal to allow any scientists who do not believe that man is the primary and most significant contriubuter to climate change on the vatican science panel speaks volumes to this Pope’s adgenda. All of the facts and evidence related to climate change are subject to interpretation as the data is by no means definitive.

Anyone who says the oil companies are the only ones funding the opposition scientists fail to realize that the same big and rich oil companies have already jumped into the clean energy market and are also dominating that industry, so they don’t need to keeep fossil fuels alive to contiue to get rich since they own both dirty and clean industries. That fact alone leads me to believe that opposition must arrise from legitimate differences in data interpretation and an awareness that we only have a limited amount of data that may not address other contributors or causes of climate change. However in spit of all that, the pope still cancells the spot of the only scientist that was on the climate change advisory panel, 2 days before the confetence while the guy was already airbone and on the way. Who does that?

Then, on top of all of that, he speaks of the evils of unfettered capitalism… where does unfettered capitalism exist today? Most nations including the United States already have implemented some level of socialism. The implementation of capitalism has been so perverted and mixed with socialism everywhere, it is impossible that poverty doesn’t continue to increase. So he should be railing against the rise of socialism since that’s what’s been in existence in just about every former capitalist nation since the early to mid 1990’s

How can unfettered capitalism be involved in anything since it hasn’t existed anywhere for a long time?

If this pope is truly nothing like the press and his own advisors claim he is, then he is grossly incompent. How can someone who cannot even run a press office to make sure a media who twist his words are slapped and reprimaned loudly and repeatedly, have enough skills to run the entire Roman Catholic Church?

This guy is basically running around by virtue of the press he refuses to correct, saying “everything you learned from JPII and Benedict is wrong”. And if that’s not true, that’s the perception.

Sorry your holiness, if what I described above is truly your message, then it is you who are wrong, and if that is not your message, then my perception is wrong and you share some responsibility for that by incompetently running a press office that has serious information delivery issues.  

Too many people think as I do on this which means something has to change. This pope’s credibility has been destroyed with too many groups of roman catholic constituents.

Regardless of the reality of this pope, and its sad if he really is a good guy his words are being used to decieve, but its too late. The only way to repair this much fall-out and restore confidence is to elect a new pope and start with a clean slate.

I am speaking for a large number of people on this topic who are either afraid to speak up, or told me that I am better at articulating their feelings than they are. If nothing is done to address these people’s concerns, many that I listed, the church may be in jeopardy of losing the formerly unwavering support of solid orthodox Catholics, as these people may start adopting a casual and even cynical view of the Church as an institution.

On matters of betrayal, the church should have been calling out and de-frocking priests who commit acts of betrayal against their parishioners. The bishops should have been running out in front of the line, running after the bad guys, yelling at the top of their lungs at the police for being too slow in arresting and prosecuting those types of betrayers. They should have named them, and threw them out into the streets to let their members know they wont tolerate that kind of betrayal, because the church is going to protect their members form any evil wolf who may be dressed in a Priest’s clothing, but they didn’t do that.

Now we have this new wave of betrayal happening, much less serious than the child molestation betrayal, but this new type of betrayal its still betrayal and the church has the same non-response today with this Pope Francis betrayal as it did with the more serious betrayal that the church has spent years trying to recovery from.  

This proves the church has learned absolutely nothing about dealing with betrayal from the child abuse scandal. It learned absolutely nothing. It deals with betrayal the exact same today then it did when it was eyeball deep in the middle of the child abuse problem.

The leadership who learns nothing is not worthy of maintaining their power. They all must go to restore confidence and credibility with every day Roman Catholics who are fully aligned with the beliefs and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.

The church wont exist without its base, those members who are in complete unity of belief with roman catholic doctrine.


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