The Assault on The Church Begins

Information has come to us from several sources, that instructions just went out within militant segments of the homosexual community calling for members of any Christian church were homosexuality is believed to be sinful, to engage their priest or minister and make a formal request to get married while recording the response. 

Homosexuals that believe they were treated in a bigoted or hateful way, and/or discriminated against are then asked to bring the recording and evidence of discrimination and bigotry to the designated attorneys who will then take up thousands of these cases as the biggest civil rights and anti-discrimination issue in the century. The goal is to use the media to demonize the churches and shut them down on the basis of human rights violations and rampant discrimination.

So far we have been unable to locate a document that spells this out, but we are working on it. It is our understanding that the message is currently being communicated verbally and possibly by means of non-standard medium like instant message and text in a way that does not give anyone who may be looking for evidence, a clear and difinitive smoking gun.

If we are able to get our hands on any communications of this nature, we will post them. 

Stay tuned as the war on Christianity begins to unfold. 

Priests and ministers please be vigilant. 


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