United States Supreme Court Destroyed Marriage

On June 26, 2015 at approximately 10:20 AM Easern Time, the United States Supreme Court Destroyed Marriage and Turned American Society completely Upside down.

The ramifications of changing the time tested definition of marriage will be complete and all encompassing. Every aspect of life in America will change. The definition of Family has been destroyed. The terms of mom and dad have been destroyed and replaced by parent 1 and parent 2. Children no longer have the right to live within an environment that is consistent with nature. Multitudes of basic every day realities will change. It will soon be illegal for chaplins in the military talk about homosexual behaviour in the context of sin.  Any religion that does not allow homosexuals to be married in their church will be breaking federal law. Any Church that does not wish employ people who live the homosexual lifestyle will be breaking federal law. I could go on to list hundreds of other every day realities that will completely change. Most of us will not recognize our socirty over the next few years because of this decision.

If you are upset at the egregious, dangerous, and discriminatory ruling against a Child’s right to live in a biologically natural environment by destroying the definition of marriage, keep in mind that this is not the first time such a terrible and dangerous decision has been made by the supreme court.

The United States Supreme Court has made other egregious and dangerous rulings in the past on a variety of cases. They are not infallible and have often made serious errors.

The most egregious rulings are listed below.

List of Most Egregious Supreme Court Rulings

Today’s destruction of the definition of Marriage is just one more egregious decision to add to that list.



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