The Real Underlying Beliefs Fueling The Gender Component Of The Culture War

Disclaimer: I am still developing the proper language and termonology used to accurately describe and articulate this topic. It is possible that when you read this, you will find the topic and material to possess a certain lack of clarity and be slightly confusing. Please forgive me if you find that is the case.  I am in the initial stages of developing this topic. I can guarantee that in time this will be articulated extremely clearly and accurately, it may just take a year for me to work all of that through. This is ground breaking philosophical material as I have not encountered it anywere before.

Many people speak about “equality”, not realizing they are really speaking about “sameness”.

The two terms are very different, but the difference is very nuanced and subtle.

Sadly, many don’t know or understand that difference and we can thank the declining American education system for that.

But I digress…

We all know that there is an ideological war taking place in America and in Europe.

The actual beliefs involved in this battle have nothing to do with homosexual marriage or equality. Those are just symptoms of the real underlying issue that most people don’t even realize exists because for many it may be subconscious.

What is this underlying issue? 

It is two opposing beliefs about the properties and nature of human beings. 

    (1) The historically held belief is that humans exist with distinct and specific features that are unchangeable
    (2) The new belief that creates the conflict is that humans are all the same, humans have a nature and form that is fluid, and can shift or mutate at will.

Its a complex topic, but the situation in Northern Italy provides a very brief and narrow window into the matter and subtly exposes it for a split second.

Another way it is exposed is when people get offended by the existence of girls toys and boy’s toys or girls colors and boys colors.

People who get offended by these things are driven by a subconscious belief that human beings have a nature and form that is fluid and not fixed.

The real question is not why do you stand in support of or against gay marriage, or in support of or against genderless toys.

The real question is what is driving your need to hear society tell you that the nature of human beings is fluid and not fixed.

This is the root of the problem and being able to answer this question in a complete and comprehensive way is the only way to definitively solve it.

Gay Vs. Normal Marriage or Genderless Toys Vs. Normal Toys are not the problem that is causing the conflict, they are the symptoms or implementations of the underlying belief system that has created a conflict between people who hold differing beliefs regarding the properties of humanity.

Focusing on the underlying belief of fluidity versus fixed is the only way to solve the conflict. Continuing to focus on the results and not the problem will only create more conflict because frustration will only grow since nobody is talking about the actual problem.

The article below exposes a very subtle window, and just for a split second, into this concept of fluidity versus fixed. Read it, but make sure you read it slowly and meticulously, because if you don’t you will miss it.

The Italian Situation

So are the properties of human beings fluid or are they fixed? And why do we care?

Answer those two questions, and we are 75% of the way towards a solution to the Gender  component of the American Culture war. I guarantee it.

Until then, we are flying blind.



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