America’s New Civil War

People are so busy with the Confederate flag that they fail to see the current civil war that’s brewing.

Its not north versus south, but rather culture and belief system versus culture and belief system.

When the new civil war hits, will the French to help us again?

Which flag will fly when the dust settles is anyone’s guess.

The Traditonal American Republic

  • ​Right to own Firearms
  • Right of practice Religion or the Freedom to avoid it
  • Protection from Government Intrusion
  • Freedom of Speech and Assembly
  • Nation of Laws
  • Respect for all people
  • Consistent Application of Law – Murder is illegal and the law is consistently applied, can’t kill unborn babies, can’t kill children, cant’t kill adults, or the elderly.
  • Words have meaning and that meaning is consistent: Marriage means one thing, a Man means one thing, a Woman means one thing, A door means one thing, a Chair means one thing. A door cannot be called a chair, and a man cannot be called a door.
  • Owners of companies are free to take stances on social issues
  • Hard work combined with luck dictate your chance of success
  • Free market factors determine how much money you make or how you live.


The New Fair and Sensative America

  • Firearms and other defense items are illegalReligion that does not conform with the government’s definition morality is illegal
  • Government is required to make sure citizens are living in accordance with the Nation’s non-discrimination and morality policies
  • Any speech that is offensive or does not conform to the Government’s morality and non-discrimination code is classified as hate speech and is illegal
  • Nation of fear, anyone that is non-compliant will lose their jobs, be publically shamed, and/or be tried endure punishment
  • Respect only for people who conform to the government’s definition of what is right
  • Total inconsistency in application of law – murder is only murder when someone doesn’t want to die, or can fight back against death. Killing unborn babies or killing someone who wants to die is not murder.
  • Words are not used to describe things. Everything is subjective. If one person wants to call a door a chair that is ok, and if another person wants to call a door a fish that is ok too – AS LONG AS THE GOVERNMENT SETS THE DEFINITIONS THROUGH THE COURTS OR FIAT.
  • Owners of companies must always support the government’s view on social issues or suffer penalties.
  • Your success is determined by the government based on a number of factors such as race, creed, lack of religion, and social or economic status. You are not permitted to succeed on your own.
  • The government will ensure that nobody is left behind by regulating income. People will all make a certain amount and nobody will make too much.



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