Another example of how the left is clueless

Nobody objects to tax dollars being used to help the poor. Suggesting that anyone does is asinine and makes Jimmy Carter look like a fool. What we object to is “how the government defines poor”, how it defines “help”, and how much of our hard earned money the government takes from us to be spent. My definition of poor and the specific theories and solutions I have to help the poor is very different than that of the government. Forcing me to submit to a definition of “poor” and “help” along with “solutions for the poor” and “certain specific actions aimed to help the poor” that conflict with my Christian Faith make Jimmy Carter very un-Christian, intolerant, and bigoted. Christianity and being a Christian nation has absolutely nothing to do with taxing people and spending their tax dollars. Suggesting it does is no different than claiming your favorite color must be blue if you are to be considered a legitimate lawyer or doctor.  Complete and utter foolishness. 



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