Open letter to Superintendent Gregg Bereznick

Dear Superintendent Gregg Bereznick:

I am writing to inform you that Schools do not co-parent. Period.

The state will not determine and imprint a moral code on my children, nor will the state perform any of the foundational level care and management functions that parents perform.

If that’s is what you plan to do in your school district, then my children will never attend or interact with your public schools if we ever lived in it. The state does not and will never have even a 1% co-parenting stake in my child. Granted your district is in Canada, but as you know there are also people here who share your ideology and are actively seeking for the state to do the same.

We send our children to school to be instructed and taught academic subjects. Schools may also offer lunch and provide opportunities to engage in sporting and other extra curricular activities, but anything over and above that is dangerous.

And just to let you know, guns are the greatest tools of peace and security man has ever known. Guns allow women to stop rapes, they allow people to stop murders, and they allow families to protect themselves from criminals. Guns may also one day be used protect the people from government tyranny. Like any tool, someone can also misuse them, but no matter how many bad things they are used for, that will never ought weigh the good that they do.

Sketching a gun in a classroom art class should be encouraged and promoted. In the 1950’s schools had hunting clubs, skeet shoot clubs, and students even brought their hunting rifles and ammunition into school for use in hunting and skeet/trap shooting intermural sports. Lets bring guns back to schools so our children have the opportunity to more fully interact with them the same way our parents and grandparents did. Prohibition of alcohol didn’t work out that well did it? Why do you think a cultural prohibition on firearms will be any different?

Would you have the parents of the girl arrested if she drew a picture of the dad killing monsters with his hands? What if she drew a picture of the dad killing monsters with a knife or with a rock? Children play video games, they watch TV, they see super hero comic books at the grocery store, and they see billboards and signs all day long every day everywhere they go.

Children tend to view their parents as heroes. And any kid knows that killing monsters to protect your child is part of it. How many kids watched Cloak and Dagger, or Batman, or other super hero shows and viewed their dad as being that kind of hero? I did and so did every one I knew. I drew plenty of pictures of the good guys shooting the bad guys to save the day. I played cops and robbers and I played cow boys and Indians. I had toy guys and I used them. You going to arrest me and everyone else I grew up with for that?

I personally wouldn’t trust anyone who orders the arrest and questioning of parents because their child drew a super hero picture of dad killing the bad guys with a gun. How can that kind of person take a piss properly, or eat a cookie properly, or be able to perform life’s most basic tasks properly, after they put their total lack of common sense on display for the entire world to see? I couldn’t trust someone like that to co-parent my child, even if I wanted them to.

Its sad when something is broken so badly in society that the people who are actively breaking it, don’t even know it, and instead believe they are qualified to co-parent our children, on top of believing it is their role to do so as school administrators.

And they wonder why the schools are in such bad shape.


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