Open letter to Germaine Greer

Ms. Greer:

Why are you upset with this? You fought to create a genderless society through your very own movement. The underlying premises of your own movement naturally lead to the very thing you are protesting. Now all of a sudden, you don’t want society to experience the natural results, and next logical steps of your own ideology? I am completely confused. What you are protesting is logically congruent with your own movement. Why does it upset you? Do you not operate on the basis of logic and reason? Pardon me if I am speaking out of turn but do you really think your protest of this matter is logically justified? The only people who have a logically justified right to protest it are those who never agreed with the underlying premise in the first place or those who changed their belief and now view the underlying premise as incorrect.

You can’t believe in the underlying premise of your movement and expect it to logically contort itself away from the direction it naturally moves, in violation of its own properties.

Simply stated, you can’t demand cake, then become angry when you gain a few pounds after eating it.

The latter is the natural result of the former. Becoming angry as you are exposes how erroneous, conflicted, and logically contradictory your mind is.

Honestly, I have more respect for someone who believes in something I do not, and understands all the ramifications of it, and then seeks to implement it with full awareness of result. At least the person who does that is consistent and understands what they stand for.

But you ma’am, you act like a 5 year old. You want the cookie, then you don’t want the cookie. You want to ride your tricycle, then you don’t. You want the cotton candy, then you don’t want it. How ridiculous. How can anyone respect that?

What kind of intellectual darkness and blindness have you been living in all these years?

Your movement created everything you are disagreeing with and contrary to what you say, your movement is what created the abortion industry, not fertilization companies. 

No pun intended but how much more egg do you plan to put on your face? Have you no shame?


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