Open letter to Debbie Squires

Dear Ms. Squires:

In case you never learned basic elementary school American history, the Pilgrims left England and landed at Plymouth Rock Massachusetts specifically because they believed that King George along with his educated and powerful officials do not know what is best for the people. America was founded to be a country that operates under the premise that only the people know what is best for the people. Changing that foundational level cultural premise is to destroy America.

My Ancestors came to America to escape the kind of system King George had in place England where the system operated under the assumption that the King and his Officials know better than the people.

School Officials barely know how to control those students who misbehave in their classroom and you suggest that those same officials actually know better about what children need than their own parents? Truly amazing.

Why do you and so many people in positions of power seemingly want to go back to the King George way of operating? We threw that way of living in the garbage can for a reason. Just because time has passed doesn’t mean that way of living is any less dangerous that it was hundreds of years ago.

Perhaps if you and others like you focused on your actual teaching job, instead of being preoccupied with implementing radical political and ideological changes through out society, the schools you run wouldn’t be in the mess they are currently in.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you knew how to get a horse to stand up on its hind legs deal cards at a poker table, or if you could make a classroom full of noisy children become instantly quiet, I might be inclined to listen to you with an open ear and serious interest. But until you have such skills, trying to go there will only increase the amount of egg that’s already present on your face.


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