Feminism and it’s Dangerous Assault on Women and Everyone Else Too

I am writing this in reaction to an article titled Why Some Male Members of Congress Won’t Be Alone with Female Staffers by Sarah Mimms

So let me get this straight, when men choose protect themselves against the potential for women to falsely accuse them of sexual harassment by not allowing themselves to be completely alone with a women who is not their wife or girlfriend, they will now get sued for discrimination?

Guys, looks like the feminists are making sure you lose no matter what. Now they are using the courts to force you to choose how you want to lose.

(1) Put yourself at great risk of being Falsely Accused and Potentially Charged with Sexual Harassment

(2) or Get Sued for Discrimination and Civil Rights Violations by not holding a closed door meeting with just you and a female staffer, the both of you – alone.

How do you want to lose today?

And if you don’t want to hire women so you don’t have to be bothered with this kind of insanity, and the additional staffing costs or legal costs required to deal with it, you will get sued for discrimination and violating affirmative action laws because you don’t hire women.

How ridiculous is that?

Did You Know: The Reverend Billy Graham never allowed a situation to occur where he was alone in a room with a woman?

Graham, because he was a conservative Christian who had a national voice to influence American society by communicating the conservative Christian message, knew that anti-Christian liberals were targeting him and always looking for a way to remove him from influencing the culture, and he know that if he was every alone in a room with a women, there would be at some point a liberal operative that was able to get in a room alone with him and would make a false accusation of sexual harassment so that they would be able to stain his name and remove him from power by means of a fake scandal.

As a result, he had to hire additional staff and pay additional salaries so that he could have women employees and always have more than one person in a room with him and a women employee so he could never be falsely accused of sexual harassment because multiple witnesses would be present.

Billy Graham spent private money donated by his church members to pay for all that. However, our congressman must use our tax money to hire extra staffers to protect themselves from this kind of thing.


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