Political Correctness Versus Reality

 Leftists, Liberal Communists, and Anti-Religious Bigots often talk about micro-aggressions, micro-discrimination, and micro-racism when they use a subtly perverted version social justice as a vehicle to strip away freedom and impose their totalitarian ideology on society. 


I would like to turn their PC terms around and talk about the three deadly micro-acts that are the real danger in our culture.

  • micro-deceit
  • micro- searing-of-conscience
  • and micro-perversion-of-reality

Micro-Deceit – Small and daily, thoughts, words, and actions that involve the refusal to allow your beliefs and understanding of reality to be informed by facts and truth.  Can also mean teaching, sharing,  promulgating and pushing out deceptive concepts and ideas to people you meet and interact with.


Micro-Searing-of-Conscience – Small and daily thoughts, words, and actions that destroy your ability to feel guilt or remorse doe for rejecting truth, promulgating deceit, or performing other evil actions. Eventually, when enough self-destruction has occurred, the offender will no longer view their actions or deeds as being wrong and may actually view them as a-moral or even as good and holy depending on the action.


Micro-Perversion-of-Reality – Is the direct result of multitudes of small and daily participation in micro-deceit and micro-searing-of-conscience. Micro-Perversion-of-Reality is extremely dangerous because one only needs to be the recipient of someone else’s influence or acts of micro-deceit over  time to begin incorporating previously experienced deceit into your daily thoughts, interpretations, and understanding of reality.


Additional articles exploring these topics and the impact on individuals and society will be examined in the future.

This article was written to quickly define terms an fest the stage for larger discussion. 


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