Immediate Impact of an Anti-Marriage Supreme Court Ruling 

If the supreme court rules that gay marriage is a constitutional requirement, the following will happen:


(1) Churches that believe homosexual marriage is a sin, and refuse to participate In such ceremonies, will lose their tax example status. 


(2) Religious Schools, Colleges, and Universities will lose their tax exampt status if they remain true to their belief that marriage is only between one man and one woman. If they have housing for married couples and refuse to open that housing up to same sex couples, they will be prosecuted in both criminal and civil court for discrimination.


(3) Churches that refuse to officiate same sex weddings will be shut down. They will be declared promulgators of hate speech because they are ascribing the term “sin” to something that they are required by law to accept. Calling it “sin” will be defined as exercising bigotry and discrimination and any institution that participates in it will be shut down. 

There will  be a full out assault  by agents of the left to identify and  bring priests, nuns, and church goers who believe homosexuality is a sin and live out their beliefs by refusing to participate in it,  before the human rights commission to try them for bigotry, discrimination, and hate crimes. Criminal or Civil penalties will be sought against the Christians. The left will have agents and activists whose full time job is to seek out and bring these institutions and people to court for discrimination.


(4) Religious schools that refuse to change their beliefs will be shut down. They will be declared promulgators of hate speech because they are ascribing the term “sin” to something that they are required by law to accept.


(5) Christians will be arrested for hate speech, promoting bigotry, and hate crimes by refusing to accept and treat gay marriages as legitimate. 


(6) Churches and schools that do not accept gay marriage will be denied building permits and licenses to operate because they will be classified as agents of discrimination.


(7) People will be allowed to marry anyone or anything they want because denying a person the right to marry whoever or whatever they want violates the constitution because restricting, excluding, preventing someone from being able to wed whoever they want is hateful, discriminatory, and illegal.

In order for marriage to be redefined to whatever someone wants it to be, and become new the law of the land, any institution that refuses to accept  the new definition must first be destroyed or rendered non-functional in a practical and operationally viable way.

If the supreme court makes the decision to declare gay marriage the law of the land, that is exactly what happens the second the court makes that decision.

Some say that when divorce was legalized nationally that didn’t force churches to close. 

That’s true but when that happened the courts were not used as a tool to perform a “from the bench” constitutional amendment and divorce was never enshrined as a constitutional right by means of the courts. Another distinction between divorce and the re-definition of marriage is that the approach taken by those in framing divorce was very different than the way the same-sex marriage situation is being framed.  Discrimination and bigotry was never brought into the divorce issue. Therefore, those who try to use divorce to explain away the points above are falsely equating the two. Divorce and destroying the definition of marriage to replace it with a completely different anthropological structure is unprecedented and completely different.

A very good explanation of the differences between the old definition and the redefined version of marriage can be found in the national review in the article entitled  Constitution Silent on Same-sex Marriage


A copy of the article has been provided via the link above in adobe .pdf format for easy and convenient reading.

Readers wishing to utilize a direct link to the article can use this National Review Article Direct Link




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