The Jesus & Sinner Comparison

I love the people who keep saying Jesus would have sold a cake to be used for a gay wedding because he didn’t judge.

If that is true, then why were all the sinners who spent time with Jesus the repentant kind? They acknowledged their sin and asked him for forgiveness. Nobody who was a sinner that dined with Jesus told Jesus “I am going to sin and be proud of my sin and you better accept my action and call it holy because I love my sin and plan to commit it again and again and never stop”.

Today nobody is repentant and most are indignant like the Pharisees.

Funny thing that Jesus comparison is because people who try and compare modern day indignant people who are proud of their sin and celebrate it and put it in your face are NOTHING like the sinners Jesus spent his time with.

There is no comparison. If anything comparing to the Pharisees would be more accurate than anything else.



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