VICE & The Liberal Roadmap For World Change

Critique and Summary of VICE on HBO that aired on Sunday 4/13/2014
VICE is a documentary series on HBO that tends to present information from a liberal ideological perspective.
The Executive producer of VICE is Bill Maher, a self-professed atheist.

Part # 1 – Islamic Radicals and Radicals in the Republic of Dagestan

Main Points

1. Youth in general in many Islamic countries view their government as corrupt and evil.

2. Islamic Youth are targeted by their governments, picked up, interrogated, and sometimes tortured without warrant or just cause. This is done with funding and support of the west.

3. The actions by various governments against Islamic youth makes other Islamic Youth hate the governments of their respective countries even more, and also increases their hatred against the west.

4. It’s a never ending cycle that will only create more radical terrorists and cause the world greater problems.

Part # 2 – Problem between Israel and Palestine

Main Points

1. The reason peace between Israel and Palestine does not exist is because two states do not exist.

2. The international community is committed to a two state solution and international law requires the implementation of two states – Israel and Palestine

3. Israel contains many who are members of religious and non-profit groups with ideologies that are opposed to a two state solution.

4. These groups get foreign funding.

5. 20% of that funding comes from American Jews.

6. 80% of that funding comes from American Conservative Christians.

7. America’s Conservative Christians are the reason why the two state solution has not been implemented.

8. America’s Conservative Christians, the Roman Catholic Church, numerous Evangelical Churches, and a large array of Christian religious groups are breaking international law by funding various religious and non-profit groups in Israel with ideologies that are opposed to a two state solution.

9. America’s Christians are the problem and they must be eliminated.

10. This is already happening as America’s youth are already rejecting the hatred and bigotry of Christianity and becoming enlightened.

11. Waiting for the generational effect to eliminate the Christian problem is not happening fast enough.

12. The American government and the international community must take action to punish the American Christians who continue to violate international law by funding various anti-dual state solution groups in Israel.

13. Once this happens, a two state solution can be implemented.

14. Peace will be realized between Palestine and Israel

Issues/Problems with part # 1

1. The purpose of part one was to show that liberals believe Islamic Terrorists are not evil people and that they are “forced to become terrorists” by the west and by their own governments. The Islamic Youth (and ultimately Islamic Terrorists) are the good guys who just got unlucky with their lot in life.

2. Can you see the famous liberal belief that “everything we do is someone else’s fault, we are not responsible for our actions”, and that “certain groups and demographics of people are victims of others actions” in play here?

3. This “famous liberal belief” shows itself briefly in the newly released blockbuster movie “Non-Stop”, starring Liam Neeson. Non-Stop was just released on March 2, 2014. The story line of Non-Stop goes like this: Family members of the twin towers 911 victims created a hostage crisis on an airplane and framed the American Air Marshal as the perpetrator. A group of Islamic Jihadists helped the American Air marshal played by Liam Neeson save the plane and save lives from the evil families of the people who were killed in the 911 twin tower tragedy, that were the perpetrators behind this hostage crisis. – No movie review gives you these details. You either have to watch the movie, or talk to someone who did and paid very close attention to the nuances and details of the movie.

4. Seriously? The Hollywood liberal elite seriously decided to insult the families of the 911 victims and make a movie depicting the families of the 911 victims as evil? This is an insult to the families who lost their loves ones and I am saddened that an actor as good as Liam Neeson agreed to be associated with such a story line. He has lost all credibility with the silent majority of conservatives worldwide after this.

Issues/Problems with part # 2

1. History has shown that no group is ever satisfied with receiving only what they are asking for initially. Have you heard the phrase “Give them an inch and they will take a mile.”? There are examples of this in America and all over the world on a daily basis. Can you show me examples from history of a group of people that stop conflict once they receive what they initially asked for?

2. The international community gave Israel land after World War II, but the Israelis believed the amount of land was not sufficient to effectively defend and preserve their existence as a nation. Israel took a very small portion of additional land in the 1967 war with Jordan, but they took just enough to be able to have sufficient borders to defend themselves from foreign powers. This has been documented by numerous Israelis in a number of ways since 1967.

3. The reduction of Israeli land will put Israel back into the dangerous and indefensible position it was in when the international community gave it land after World War II.

4. The world played God with land distribution after World War II, and got it wrong. They gave a new nation land, but not enough land to effectively protect its people from foreign attack and now the world wants to play God again and force a two state solution by land reduction? The world needs to sleep in the bed they already made. A nation has the right to defend itself and if giving up land means giving up the right to defend, then no land shall be given up.


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