Arizona SB1062

Arizona SB1062 has nothing to do with discrimination against gay people. I am amazed at how the press uses lies and false accusations to shut down legitimate debate.

Here is the bill itself- in its entirety. –

If I own a tattoo parlor and someone comes in wanting a tattoo of Satan, this bill allows me to refuse to create a tattoo of Satan and protects me against a lawsuit for refusing to create a tattoo of Satan because creating one violates my religious beliefs. Why are we as a nation attacking Christians and punishing them for their beliefs? America must have laws to protect Christians from discrimination and bigotry because current laws do not adequately do so. Why can others be protected from discrimination and bigotry but not Christians?

Arizona SB1062 is about protecting an individual’s right to refuse to contribute to something they may regard as Sinful or against their religious beliefs. Using the Tattoo example from above, why should the Christian tattoo artist be forced to create Satanic art or be sued and punished by the courts if he refuses? He may be happy creating any other kind of tattoo, just not one of the image of the devil. Why do Americans have no issue with violating the artists civil rights and compelling them to provide a tattoo to a customer of an image that violates their religious beliefs?

Or better yet, what if a member of a radical group such as the Westboro Baptist Church enters a bakery or a custom sign shop and wants to order a cake or custom sign that contains words that are disrespectful to a particular group of people? The Christian business owner who does not judge or discriminate against anyone may feel that creating a cake or sign that contains cruel words toward a particular group of people is against his religion. After all Jesus said love your neighbor. Why should that Christian business owner be forced to violate his religion and create the sign or cake that contains hateful words? He will get sued by that radical group for refusing service on the ground of discriminating against them. We must have legislation protecting business owners from lawsuits and criminal charges for refusing to contribute to something their religion considers to be sinful.

If a gay person wants to buy a wedding cake for their wedding, the Christian cake shop owner should be able to follow his conscience and have the right not to contribute to the commission of what he believes is the sin of gay marriage by having the right not to associate himself with the act he considers to be sinful. Henceforth, the act of selling a wedding cake would be a contribution to the commission of a sin and the owner should be able to protect his soul from sin.

Keep in mind that in this example, the owner is not refusing service to a gay person, he is just refusing to sell a wedding cake because in committing that act of selling the cake, he is contributing to and associating himself with the celebration of a sinful act which he believes is gay marriage.

However if the gay person wants a birthday cake, a graduation cake, or anything else, no religious belief would prevent the owner from doing that. Birthdays are not sinful acts. Graduations are not sinful acts. Only specific actions are sinful and as long as the customer does not want the owner to share in that sin, the owner has no issues of conscience serving the customer.

That is what Arizona SB1062 is about, and that is why we need a national law passed like Arizona SB1062.



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