My health care costs increased more than 400% thanks to Obama care.

I would like to thank “Our Dear Leader Obama” for giving my family such a wonderful price on Obama Care. If we purchase a plan comparable to the coverage that we used to have before Obama Care, the cost has increased almost 400% to $7,666 per year. To top it all off, the price tag contains a “magic number”. If you look closely, the last three digits in the price, it might provide a hint at the real force behind this unprecedented implementation of socialism.


As members of the struggling middle class, this increase tells me that my wife and I should quit our jobs and put out our hands out so that “Our Dear Leader Obama” can fill them with government subsidies.

Obama care is the fastest way to destroy the traditional incentives to work and achieve that once made the United States so great.

I salute you oh dear leader Obama. Your skill and expertise in destroying everything that made the United States great is truly epic. Nobody could do this job better than you.


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