America is not free

America is not free.

America is going down a very dangerous road. It is no longer the free country that it once was. It is not the same free nation that its founders started. We are not free to think or believe in traditional or conservative concepts without great risk.

I write this blog in fear. I am fearful that if others know my opinions and beliefs I might lose my job. I am fearful that harm may come to
myself or my family. I am fearful that my life, liberty, or the life and liberty of my family may be at risk if my thoughts or opinions are known.

In communist or dictatorial nations, you cannot speak out against the “party line” or its “leaders”.

In America today, the party line is made up of liberalism, socialism, and secularism which is the exact opposite of conservatism, capitalism, and religious traditionalism.

In time, if things in America do not change, more people who believe and think as I do will come to know this fear.

At some point in the future, 30, 50, or 100 years from now, America will hit a “breaking point”.

When that happens, though I may be long gone, a new generation of hero’s will be called to rise up and repeat the glory of what was so heroically started in 1775.


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