Take care, lest we give up our nation’s soul…

On Friday November 30, 2012, a caller named Joe, who used to work with Geraldo Rivera as a cameraman at ABC news, called into the Geraldo Radio show.

He and Geraldo were discussing the fiscal cliff and  specifically the topics of retirement age and social security. During the  conversation the caller said that his father, who is now deceased, worked as a construction worker his whole life and expressed anger at Bill O’Reilly for wanting to raise the retirement age. He said “what Bill wants to do to these people and what he wants from hard working people is not right”. The caller Joe then said “We don’t all sit in our in home libraries and write books at age sixty.” He said it’s unjust to expect people do to that.

When I heard this I almost jumped out of my chair. I had to  write a reaction.

The fallacy in the caller’s argument is unreal.

Can people not look for other jobs?

Is he locked up and prevented from learning new skills or switching jobs to work somewhere else that is less labor intensive, such as at  a bank, or a car dealership, or at an office, or wherever?

The argument made by this ABC news man Joe is ridiculous. I  am shocked that someone with Geraldo’s stature didn’t call him out on it.

People are responsible for their own actions. The taxpayer  is not and should not be.

My grandfather who was poor and grew up eating food out of  garbage cans in the 1920’s and 30’s.

He didn’t get a penny from welfare, nor did he get any food  stamps.

He worked a labor intensive job in a factory and also worked  on a ship. He had a no formal education. When he was older and unable to handle  the rigors of hard labor, he worked as a janitor until his health prevented him  from doing so. He worked his entire life so he could live, love, and give of  himself to his family, his children, and his grandchildren. He ran as fast as  he could and did what he had to do.

Last I checked, we still live in a free county, although  that’s changing fast.

People are free to change jobs, or make decisions over time to  position themselves a certain way for their future.

It is possible to be sixty and write a book, you may have to  work two other jobs while doing it, but a free country allows people who work  hard like animals to have a chance to succeed.

If people continue on this immature and self -destructive path  with their refusal to take responsibility for their actions by believing they  are helpless, then everything we know, our opportunity, freedom, culture, way  or life, and hope will be lost.

America was founded by people who escaped from the tyranny King  George and wanted freedom to live or die by their own choices, not by King  George’s choices.  They knew that freedom to live or die by their own decisions is the only way that upward mobility is possible. Contrary  to what some may believe, with freedom, even poor people have a chance to climb up in society.

Without freedom, such as how life was in East Berlin and  continues to be in North Korea, everyone is made to be poor. Since freedom  doesn’t exist in many places on earth, some people have to flee their county  and risk death or  torture to get to a place that is free.

We need to watch where we are going as a nation, because we  are not going in the same direction that our founding fathers were  walking.  If we continue walking in the direction that those who don’t believe in Traditional America’s value system, we will wake up one day and the world will be a very dark place.

Be careful. For today the battle is to stop King George from  forcing you to violate your religious beliefs via health care. Tomorrow King  George may outlaw or force other things until eventually he tells you when to  sleep, and what to eat.

We escaped from King George and founded America.

We are forgetting that.

If we continue to destroy America, God help us.


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